Building Evacuation

(3-Minute Repeated Broken Tones)

If the evacuation of a building becomes necessary, the siren will sound with repeated broken tones that continue for 3 minutes. This means you should evacuate as quickly as possible. In these instances, the sound of the siren may be followed by public address messages.

Things to remember about building evacuations

  • Be familiar with marked exits from buildings you frequent.
  • Learn where the building assembly areas are. They are marked on building evacuation routes.
  • Remain calm as you walk to the building assembly areas. Tell others to do the same.
  • Help those in need of assistance.
  • Once outside, move away from the building to the assembly area.
  • Do not use elevators in case of fire.
  • Do not return to an evacuated building unless directed to do so.
  • Do not leave the scene unless you have told someone you are leaving. Missing persons can become a serious concern.

For additional information regarding building evacuation, contact your building coordinator.


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