The University places a high priority on the personal safety and security of everyone on the Southeast Missouri State University campus, and communication plays a critical role during emergency situations. Southeast uses a multi-layered toolbox for providing information to faculty, staff and students during emergencies and crimes that occur close to or on our campuses. Those avenues of communication include the following:

Emergency Mass Notification

Southeast employs an emergency mass notification system called SE Alerts. It is a powerful platform that can send notifications via a mobile app, text messages, emails, computer desktop notifications and telephone voice mail. SE Alerts is an opt out system that will send messages to students, faculty and staff during situations of urgent need and during times that pose a threat to the campus community. Visit to verify your number on file with the University and to add up to four additional personal, spouse, family or parent emails to receive notifications.

Computer Desktop Notification

Computer desktop notifications allow the University to send messages to all computers connected to the University network almost instantly, informing constituents at the main and regional campuses with SE Alerts messages.

SE Alerts Website

The official SE Alerts emergency website for the University is All available confirmed information will be posted on this website as soon as it is available. Faculty, staff and students who receive SE Alerts text messages and emails will be directed to this website for additional information.

Southeast Homepage

Watch for the yellow alert bar at the top of the University’s website,, which will convey important emergency communication during critical events.

Closings Website

When University operations are closed during urgent events, such as winter weather or utility outages, visit for specific information on operating hours of campus facilities. The website will note whether facilities are operating on normal hours, limited hours or are closed for various academic and campus life areas, computer labs, dining facilities, regional campuses and off-campus education sites.


The Southeast portal, located at, can be accessed by all students, faculty and staff. Emergency notifications will be posted under the Announcements section.

Regional Television & Radio Stations

The following television and radio stations in the region serve as outstanding resources for current news and emergency information. Their channel information, dial positions and websites can be found here.

Outdoor Warning-Siren System/Indoor Emergency Announcement System

The Department of Public Safety will sound a siren in the event of a tornado warning. The outdoor warning system also may be activated with voice announcements during emergency situations. These announcements are conveyed via a public address system. The indoor emergency announcement system allows emergency messages to be deployed inside residence halls and select academic buildings. Indoor systems are networked with the outdoor warning system and are deployed the same way as the outdoor system with the same messages.

Telephone Voice Mail

The campus telephone voice mail system allows for mass messages to be sent to campus landline phones in faculty and staff offices.

Direct Ring Emergency Phones

Southeast has installed direct ring RED emergency telephones on each floor of every academic building. In case of an emergency, faculty, staff or students can use the RED phones as a direct link to the University’s Department of Public Safety.

In addition, there are approximately 30 BLUE light Emergency Call Boxes along the Lighted Corridor and other locations around campus. Anyone with a genuine emergency may use the BLUE call boxes by pressing the red “HELP” button on the call box.

Evacuation Routes & Quick Reference

Evacuation route signs are posted in University buildings to aid with building evacuation. Also posted near the evacuation routes are emergency quick reference charts that provide basic response and guidance for common emergencies.

Social Media

SE Alerts Facebook

SE Alerts is the official SE Alerts emergency social media Facebook account for the University to inform and alert the campus community. It can be found at This official account will be monitored during emergency situations by University officials.

SE Alerts Twitter

SE Alerts is the official SE Alerts emergency social media Twitter account for the University to inform and alert the campus community. It can be found @SoutheastAlerts. This official account will be monitored during emergency situations.

Contacting Police and Emergency Preparedness

From a University Extension

To contact University Police, fire or ambulance, dial 911.

For Information or Routine Business

To contact the Department of Public Safety at Southeast, dial (573) 651-2215.

From a Cell Phone

Because cell phones will not always connect to the closest 911 call center, it is recommended to program the University Police 24-hour Emergency Number into your cell phone: (573) 651-2911. Call this number to report a campus emergency or crime from your cell phone to ensure the quickest response.


(573) 651-2215

1401 N. Sprigg Cape Girardeau
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701