Early Childhood Courses

CE 330-Classroom Management and Environmental Organization
CE 340-Family / School Collaboration in Early Childhood Education
CE 364-Methods of Teaching Math Science Social Studies
CE 365-Observation Assessment and Data Analysis
CE 366-Curriculum Theory and Program Management
CE 370-Language Acquisition
CE 480-Early Childhood Student Teaching
CE 530-Foundations of Early Childhood Special Education
CE 605-Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education
CE 610-Curriculum, Methods, and Program Management in Early Childhood
CE 614-Family School Collaboration
CE 634-Assessing Young Children’s Learning and Development

Elementary Education Courses

ED 280-Introduction to Education
EL 274-Diversity in American Schools
EL 300-Assistive and Instructional Technology in a Universal Design for Learning Environment
EL 310-Pedagogy: Elementary Instructional Models/Strategies
EL 314-Literacy Field Experience
EL 316-Emergent Literacy
EL 317-Intermediate Middle School Literacy
EL 340-Classroom Management Climate and Learning
EL 350-Content Field Experience
EL 354-Struggling Reader
EL 355-Content Area Literacy
EL 360-Integrated Math, Science, Social Sciences and Health Instruction
EL 410-Differentiated Instruction
EL 420-Assessment and Data Analysis
EL 430-Advanced Field Experience
EL 480-Elementary Education Student Teaching Field Experience
EL 606-Curriculum Construction: Elementary
EL 611-Practicum 1: Early Literacy Learners
EL 615-Action Research
EL 623-Practicum II: Older Literacy Learners
EL 624-Effective Literacy Leadership
EL 625-Specialized Assessment in Literacy Instruction
EL 629-Integrating Children's Literature in the Curriculum
EL 630-Designing Individual Literacy Lessons: Clinical I
EL 631-Designing Individual Literacy Lessons: Clinical II
EL 644-Process of Reading
EL 646-Improving Reading
EL 647-Reading Assessment
EL 680-Small Group Intervention Instruction
EL 681-Differentiated Literacy Instruction for Classroom Teachers
EL 682-Intervention Designs for Struggling Learners
EL 683-Advance Practicum Intervention Models

Exceptional Child Courses

EX 302-Language Development of Children with Exceptionalities
EX 304-Classroom and Behavior Management
EX 305-Content Area Teaching, Learning and Transitioning for Secondary Students with Disabilities
EX 309-Advanced Field Placement in Education of Children with Exceptionalities
EX 311-Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities
EX 312-Diagnosis and Remediation of Math Difficulties
EX 317-Assessment and Techniques of Teaching
EX 373-Strategies and Techniques for teaching Children/Adolescents with Exceptionalities
EX 390-Psychology and Education of Children with Exceptionalities
EX 409-Advanced Field Experience in the Education of Students with Exceptionalities in Elementary Settings
EX 480-Exceptional Child Education Student Teaching Field Experience
EX 507-Families and Children with Exceptionalities
EX 555-Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
EX 556-Communication Interventions & Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
EX 557-Behavior Management & Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
EX 558-Research in Autism Spectrum Disorder
EX 559-Clinical Practicum
EX 601-Educational Assessment Techniques
EX 602-Language Acquisition of Exceptional Children
EX 618-Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities
EX 619-Introduction to Mild Moderate Cross Categorical Internship
EX 621-Behavior Intervention Strategies
EX 622-Behavior Intervention Strategies Internship
EX 635-Psychology and Education of Children with Exceptionalities
EX 652-Techniques of Teaching the Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical
EX 693-Special Ed and the Law
EX 696-Exceptional Child Education Advance Internship


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