Specialist in Educational Administration

Specialist in Educational Administration

MEGA Superintendent Test Prep Information
MEGA Superintendent Test Information

Initial Study Plan for Specialist in Educational Administration 

The Specialist in Educational Administration is a 30 hour all online degree designed to be completed in five semesters.

30 credit hours plus prerequisites

Prerequisites or equivalent:
0-33 credit hours

All prerequisites must be completed before any 700 level classes. Prerequisites are the courses required for principal certification. All 600 level courses may be completed online.  

Number Name
EX 390 Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child
EA 625 Foundations of Educational Administration
EA 630

EA 635
Elementary Administration
Secondary Administration
EA 634 Supervision
EA 653 Curriculum for Educational Leaders
EA 646 &
EA 656

EA 647 &
EA 657
Elementary Internship I and Internship II


Secondary Internship I and Internship II
GR 691 Methods of Research
EA 651 School Law
EA 655 Leadership for Effective School Operations
EA 660 Administration and Supervision of Special Education
  Missouri certification desired.
Four years of administrative/teaching experience desired.

Required Core Courses: All of the following courses are required. No substitutions are allowed. All core courses are taught online.

Number Name Hours
EA 707 Personnel Management 3
EA 710 Leading District Improvement 3
EA 760 Internship I: Specialist Level 3
EA 761 Internship II: Specialist Level 3
EA 737 Administration of Curriculum 3
EA 756 Financial Management and Leadership 3
EA 755 Ethics, Law, & Policy 3
EA 785 School Plant Planning and Operation 3
EA 743 Data for Continuous Improvement 3
EA 709 Leadership and Communication 3
Total Hours Required for Degree 30

Superintendent Certificate: Take all courses listed above including internships.

Career Principal Certificate: May waive internship courses (EA 760 and EA 761) with one year of experience as principal. Take EA 718 Instructional Strategies and EA 722 Equity instead. If another level of principal certificate is desired, internships are required. Check with advisor.

Career Special Education Director Certificate: May waive internship courses: EA 760 and EA 761 with one year of experience as special education director. Take EA 722 Equity and EA 718 Instructional Strategies instead.

Note: Missouri certification is also based on the possession of knowledge and/or competency in several areas. The student should work closely with his/her internship supervisors (University and School District) to determine experiences of most benefit for the acquisitions of these requirements We have agreed that completion of the program of studies outlined above is intended to support the certification as identified at the top of this page. Other certification support is not implied.

Note: Please remember the deadline to file a Graduation Application is during finals week the semester before you plan to graduate.

For more information please contact Dr. Margaret Dalton at mdalton@semo.edu.


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