Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership

Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership

Initial Study Plan

Required Courses
Number Course Credits
GR-691 Methods of Research 3
EA-606 Introduction to Teacher Leadership and Peer Coaching 3
EA-607 Leading with Data 3
EA-610 Diversity in the Classroom 3
EA-651 School Law 3
EA-655 Leadership for Effective School Operations 3
EA-660 Administration & Supervision of Special Educ 3
GR-698** Masters Comprehensive Written Exam 0
Total Core Required Courses 21
Elective Courses
Instructional Leadership Electives
EA 507 School and Campus Safety 3
EA 653 Curriculum for Leaders 3
EL 624 Effective Literacy Leadership 3
CE 614 Family/School Partnerships 3
Curriculum and Instruction Electives
SE 637 Curriculum Instruction 3
SE 638 Improvement of Instruction & Assessment 3
EF 690 Foundations of Curriculum Development 3
EF 606 Curriculum Construction in a Multicultural Society 3
Technology Electives
SE 600 Multimedia in Education 3
SE 617 Foundations of Educational Technology 3
SE 683 Instructional Design & Technology 3
SE 685 Planning for Technology in the School District 3
Exceptional Child Electives
EX 602 Language Acquisition of Exceptional Children 3
EX 621 Behavior Intervention Strategies 2
EX 622 Behavior Intervention Strategies Internship 1
EX 618 Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities 2
EX 619 Introduction to Mild Moderate Cross Categorical Internship 1
EX 691 Transition Planning for Individuals with Exceptional Learning Needs 3
Total Hours for Degree 30

**Exit exam GR-698 will be a presentation of the student’s portfolio of class work in required courses.


Scully Building 411
Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling 
One University Plaza, MS 5550
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701