At Southeast, we are committed to investing in students who work hard! More than 70% of Southeast students receive an academic scholarship and the awards can be stacked with participation, housing and endowed scholarships.

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Thanks to the generosity of many alumni and friends of the University, there are several endowed and sponsored scholarships specific for students interested in your area of study.

A.C.E. Louise M. Gross
Adam & William Blakemore Hays Memorial
Adele Townsend Endowed Scholarship
Albert H. and Dorothy E. Macke
Alice Grant
Alice Kay Mouser Memorial
Alma Crites Gardner
Alta Crites Lucy Education
Anita M. Frick-Held and Donald T. Held Endowed Scholarship
Ann Porter Gifford Endowed
B.F. and Carrie Woodburn Johnson
Barbara Hope Kem Endowed Scholarship
Beatrice and Russell Johnson
Bertie Ora Cleino Memorial
Beussink Family Restricted Scholarship
Bill Ewing Memorial Endowed
Billie O Neal
Blanche Cline Merwin
Blanche T. Kohlfeld
Bob Keathley
Burchell Grant Allied Health Endowed Scholarship
Burwell Fox Memorial Education
Calvin Chapman
Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society Alliance
Cecil Elsie Gross-Education
Cesar and Soledad Arjona
Charles Cox-Vocal Music Education
Charleston Missouri Education Fund
Clarence and Virginia DeSpain
Clifford F. and Mary Kathryn Rudesill Memorial Art Scholarship
Clyde and Pauline Hanebrink
Dalton "Rusty" B. Curtis, Jr. Scholarship
Delmar and Allene Cobble Education
Donald G. LaFerla Endowed for Health Sciences
Dorothy Kies Penzel
Dorothy Lee Nilsen
Dr. Ann and Archie Sprengel Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Dale & Marsha Haskell Endowed
Dr. Frank J. Linn Education
Dr. James M. Drickey Psychology
Dr. Lenore Bierbaum Fund
Dr. Mangho & Mevi Ahuja Scholarship
Drs. Pamela M. and Randal A. Otto Scholarship
Dr. Ruth Ann Roberts Education Scholarship
Elizabeth DeHoff Belcher Education Scholarship
Emma E. Dempster
Ermine Kies-Nursing
Esther Batten
Eva Margaret Jurgens and Ivilla M. Weiss Endowed
Evening Optimist Club
F. Gregory Dickey Endowed Scholarship
Fletcher O. Chasteen Endowed
Floyd W. Liley Endowed in Education
Frances Brady Wall
Frances K Rediger
Frank M. Cozean
Gannon Endowed
Glen W. Francis Memorial
Grace N. Williams
Harold B Lichtenegger Music
Homer and Carrie Bolen-Science Education
J.L. Adkins & Cora E. Adkins
Jack & Pauline Bess
Jacob Risk and Erin Corkery -Risk Scholarship
James & Wylaine Korbelik Endowed Scholarship
James L. and Esther Ray Lee Memorial
James M. Drickey-Elementary Education
Janet Paar Greene
Janetta Drake Memorial
Jean Weingaertner
Jeanine Larson Dobbins
Jeff Hunter Memorial Restricted
John A. "Jack" Behrens Memorial
John and Ann Shelton-Music
John and Pat Krieger Stehr
John T and Georgia Lee Lawrence
Joy Joanna Wimp
Julie & Tom Wood
Karl and Jeanne Mueller Endowed Scholarship
Kenneth and Dorothy Green Endowed
Lee Park
Lindsay Roth Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Loida Farrow Lerew
Louis B. Sewell Endowed Math Scholarship
Louise Bender Roth Early Education
Luther A. King Endowed
M.G. Lorberg
M. Luther and Catherine Hahs-Speech
M. Wayne Hoover
Margaret LeMone-Nursing
Margaret Ritter Ueleke
Margaret Woods Allen Addictions Nursing
Mark F. Scully
Marlin and Ruth Remley and Louis Remley-Education
Martha Ellen & George Alois Sudholt Scholarships
Mary Margaret Crole Billingham Endowed
Meghan Herndon Memorial
Merla Brooks Nursing
Merle & Helen Hilgendorf
Michael J. Grojean Endowed
Mildred and Nell Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Hall
Nancy S. Risko Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Neil KeeneyOtto and Della Seabaugh-Primary and Secondary Education
Parilee and Marca Jean Campbell
Patricia A. Huttegger Memorial
Paul J. Lloyd Endowed Psychology
Paula Elfrink Scholarship
Pearl Scully Scholarship
R. Melvin Gateley
Raymond H. and Rosalind J. Vogel
Rex and Melba Bowers
Richard & Kathleen Larsen Black Endowed
Robert and Linda Burns
Robert and Wilma Foster
Rose Marie & Don Bartel Scholarship
Rosina Koetting Perry/St.Genevieve
Ruby Howlette Thompson
Rural Missouri Scholarship Fund
Ruth S. Liley Endowed in Education
Rutha E. Moore Endowed Scholarship
Shelton & Glenda Smith Trust Education
Stephen L. Harris Athletic
The Bob Depro Endowed Scholarship for Social Studies Education
The Dr. Gene and Delba Engelhardt Family Endowed Education Scholarship
The Judith Briner and Cynthia Fleck Endowed Scholarship
The Vogelsang Endowed Scholarship for Communication Disorders
Thelma and Paul H. Sturgeon
Tony E. and Viola Statler
Trixie M. and Denver E. Clubb
Vernon and Gertrude Chapman Memorial
Walter Davidson
Walter D. Webb
Walter H. "Doc" Ford
Warren and Pauline Black
Wayne Nienhaus Memorial Endowed
Winfred and Emilye Garner
Zora and Jerline Dossett Memorial


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