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Q: How many times can I be placed in the same school?

A: No more than twice.

Q: Do I have to pass all accreditation assessments before student teaching?

A: No. You must attempt all required content exams prior to student teaching.

Q: Can I take a class during student teaching?

A: No.  You will take EF400, but that is the only class students are to take during student teaching.

Q: Can I work during student teaching, after school hours?

A: Yes.  Just know that student teaching is a full time job in itself.  We do not recommend working during this experience.

Q: Can I be placed in the school where my relative works?

                A: No

Q: Can I call a school to make my own placement?

A: No.  The Office of Field and Clinical is the only office who is to contact the school districts for field placement.

Q: Can I student teach in a district that is not a typical place students from Southeast Missouri State University do their student teaching? (This is considered a Courtesy Placement)

                A: If you meet one of the following criteria:

  • The candidate is married before the student teaching semester begins and the spouse is required to live outside the area for employment, military commitment, or to continue enrollment in a university outside the service area.
  • A hardship exists due to a serious, long-term illness of a member of the immediate family which would require the candidate to relocate immediately.
  • Another documented hardship exists as determined by the Director of Field and Clinical Experiences.

Q. Can I substitute during student teaching?

A: No.  You are a student of the university during this experience, not an employee of the district.  If your cooperating teacher cannot be at school, the district should get a substitute for the classroom.


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