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Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

Employer satisfaction with EPP completers seems strong. Administrators consistently record being pleased with the preparation EPP completers have received (FYTS and FYTPS Description and Data). Analyzing administrator observations regarding specific skills and behavior suggests a positive level of satisfaction, but the FYTPS also includes a prompt that reflects specifically on this question. Item 39 asks principals of first-year teachers to rate the overall quality of the EPP that prepared the teacher in question. Over the past three years principals have assigned the EPP a mean rating of 3.22, which is higher than their peers rated other EPPs across the state.

Employer satisfaction can also be gleaned from retention of EPP completers in P-12 school positions. Employment and retention data were only recently made available by the state, and only a few years of data are available (Employment and Retention Data). However, in 2016 the EPP had 274 completers serving as first-year teachers. In 2017, there were 245 second-year teachers who were also completers of the EPP for a retention rate of 89.5%. Similarly, the retention rate between second-year teachers in 2016 and third-year teachers in 2017 was 85%. Data for Academic Year 2018 will be made available by the state in summer 2018.


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