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Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

Currently, the EPP only has one source of data that allows it to directly assess completer impact on P-12 student learning. Item 39b of the First-Year Teacher’s Principal Survey (FYTS and FYTPS Description and Data) asks administrators to rate the teacher’s impact on the learning of students in the P-12 classroom. At this time data for only two years is available (2016 and 2017), but EPP completers have been rated favorably in those years, earning mean scores of 3.21 (2016) and 3.15 (2017) on a scale of 4. In both years EPP completers also earned higher scores than did their peers across the state.

EPP personnel are working on two projects to collect additional evidence of completer impact on P-12 learning. First, each year EPP faculty teach multiple graduate courses in which students complete action research studies. Many of these students completed one of more of the EPP’s initial teacher preparation programs. Faculty are standardizing protocols for identifying appropriate graduate students, designing action research studies, and collecting data. Data from at least one semester will be available in the fall of 2018. The second project designed to assess impact on P-12 learning involves P-12 partners. Local districts have access to student data generated through standardized and local assessments. These data can be associated with specific teachers who can, in turn, be associated with particular educator preparation programs. The EPP is collaborating with local administrators to finalize the details for how these data can be collected, organized, and analyzed. This joint venture will enable the EPP to better understand how its completers compare to those who completed other programs and will allow local districts to make more informed hiring decisions.


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