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Programs include…

  • Educare - Child Care Provider Training
  • Home Visiting Services – PEP Program
  • CDA - Child Development Associate Preparatory Classes

Educare is a state funded initiative that provides resources, technical assistance and training opportunities, at free or reduced costs, to child care providers with an emphasis on family home providers.

The Educare Vision

Quality early care and education, parenting and health care are essential to children’s growth and development.

The Educare Mission

To promote school readiness by establishing linkages in policy, program and practice that will ensure all children receive a solid foundation for success in school and life.

Educare Services Include:

  • Professional development opportunities for child care providers
  • Individualized home visits for family child care providers
  • Customized center-based training
  • Supporting coordination of existing community resources to optimize funding
  • Linking child care providers and families to schools and community resources
  • Increasing consumer awareness of the important role quality child care has in the development of children

Educare funding is provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, Early Childhood and Prevention Services Section

Home Visiting is a state funded initiative that links eligible families to services and resources within their community to help encourage child development and healthy families.

Home Visiting Services Include:

  • Additional support to families to help link them to additional resources in the community, to help build their knowledge and skill base in regards to parenting, and to model appropriate parenting skills.
  • Group training sessions targeted at various topics dealing with child development, creating healthy families, and networking opportunities for the families
  • Resources for children in the home, including books, developmentally appropriate toys families can check out to use with their child, and incentives which may include certificates that they may use to purchase items for their children.
  • Address literacy, mathematics, science, physical development, health and safety, and social–emotional levels building on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Pre–K Early Learning Standards

Eligibility Guidelines

To participate in the Home Visiting Program, a family must have a child less than three years of age in the home, and a household income under 185% of poverty.

Additionally, the parent must meet any one of the following requirements:

  • Must live in the service area of Cape Girardeau, Scott, Mississippi, Bollinger and Perry counties.
  • Referred by the state agency as being "at risk" for physical, emotional, social, or educational abuse/neglect;
  • A family who's child is in the custody of the Department of Social Services with an active plan for custody of the child to be returned to the family (this should be considered a priority case); · Family living in poverty, per annual poverty rates; · Unemployed but may be receiving Temporary Assistance or other income;
  • Employed 40 hours or less per week;
  • Participating in an education or job training program;
  • Living in a shelter or temporary housing; or
  • A teen parent.

* Funding for the Home Visiting Program is provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, Early Childhood and Prevention Services Section for the counties of Cape Girardeau, Scott, Mississippi, Bollinger and Perry in Southeast Missouri.

* In addition, Community Caring Council sub-contracts with Educare Programs to provide Home Visiting Services in Cape Girardeau, County

Child Development Associate Preparatory Class (CDA)

Child Development Associate Preparatory Class (CDA) is a local initiative funded by the United Way of Southeast Missouri for adults who have a strong desire to work in childcare. The CDA Credential is nationally recognized and is a stepping stone on a path of career advancement in Early Childhood Education.

The class is based on a core set of competency standards that is designed to guide the student to become a qualified teacher of young children. This is a hands-on class which teaches the students how to put these core competencies into practice and understand why those standards help children move with success from one developmental stage to the next. The students will learn not only how to care for the physical needs of children but how to nurture the emotional, intellectual, and social development of children and why it is so important. The skills these students will learn in class can be incorporated in the early childhood classroom in which they work improving the quality of childcare in Southeast Missouri which in turn improves school readiness and retention rates in elementary and secondary education.

Benefits of obtaining the CDA Credential Include:

  • Advancement of their childcare career
  • Meet job requirements, all Accredited childcare centers require their teachers to have a minimum of a CDA
  • Reinforce their commitment to early childhood education
  • Understand developmentally appropriate practices of early childhood education
  • Provide parents with peace of mind when leaving their child in your care
  • Increase confidence in your career

Eligibility Guidelines

In order to enroll in Educare Programs – Child Development Associate Preparatory Class a student must be a high school graduate and have a strong desire for a career in childcare. Please call Educare Programs Office for more information.

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