Waiting List for Closed Classes

When enrollment in a class is controlled, students only may place their names on a waiting list using this form.  Only students from the waiting list will be placed in the class.  There is, however, no guarantee that you will be placed in the class.

You may place your name on a waiting list for more than one section of a class.  HOWEVER, if you are placed in one of these sections and wish to stay in this section, please let us know to drop you from the waiting list for the other section(s), otherwise when we come to your name for the other section(s), you will be dropped from the first section you were placed in.

When and if we come to your name on the list, you will  be contacted before placing you in the class.  We will try to reach you by phone or e-mail before you are placed in the class. 

NOTE:  We may be unable to place you in the class due to the following reasons:  

  1. maximum overload
  2. delinquent account
  3. conflicting class or 
  4. not having met the prerequisites. 

YOU MUST HAVE ANY PREREQUISITES FOR THE CLASS.  We will try to contact you to let you know of the problems.  If the problem has not been resolved within two days after you are contacted, we will go to the next person on the waiting list.

If you are in another section of the same class, we will drop you from the other section, however, we will not drop you from a conflicting course unless you have given us permission to do so ('Comments' section).

Please complete all information below and submit to us.  Only students on the waiting list will be placed in the class IN THE ORDER SUBMITTED BY THIS FORM. 

NOTE:  If you change your mind and no longer want to be placed in the class, please e-mail Brenda Glastetter and let her know that you wish to be removed from the waiting list.  We will place students in classes only until the first day of class.  After that, please contact the department to check the status of a closed class.  Please DO NOT place your name on a waiting list after classes start.

Only names submitted AFTER a class reaches the maximum seat limit will be placed on the waiting lists.  DO NOT place your name on a waiting list before a class fills.



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