business economics

BSBA Economics (Business Economics Option)

General Education

Artistic Expression Any course in category
Literary Expression Any course in category
Oral Expression SC105, Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Written Expression EN140, Rhetoric and Critical Thinking
Behavioral Systems Any course in category
Living Systems Any course in category
Logical Systems MA134, College Algebra
Physical Systems Any course in category
Dev. Of Civilization Any course in category
Economic Systems EC215, Principles of Microeconomics
Political Systems Any course in category
Social Systems Any course in category
UI3xx Any course in category
UI3xx Any course in category
UI4xx UI400, Business Ethics

Business Support Courses

AD101 Microcomputer Applications
MG252 Business Communications
EC215 Principles of Microeconomics*
EC225 Principles of Macroeconomics
EN140 Rhetoric and Critical Thinking*
MA134 College Algebra*
MA139 Applied Calculus
QM257 Business Statistics
SC105 Oral Communication*
UI400 Business Ethics*

*Also meets General Education Requirements

Business Core Courses

AC221 Principles ofFinancial Accounting
AC222 Principles ofManagerial Accounting
BL255 Legal Environment of Business
FI361 Financial Management
MG301 Management & Org. Behavior
MK301 Principles of Marketing
MI371 Management Info. Systems
QM352 Quantitative Methods in Business
QM358 Production/Operations Mgt.
MK,MG,EC,FI,AC International Course
BA490 Business Policies and Strategies

Economics Major Courses

Required Courses
EC561 Managerial Economics
EC410 Macroeconomic Theory
EC420 Microeconomic Theory
EC498 Economics Seminar (1 hour course)
Choose2 of the following courses:
EC351 Applied Economic Models
EC380 Labor Economics
EC490 Economic and Business Forecasting
UI371 Government and Business*
Choose3 of the following courses:
ECXXX Any EC course (235-500 level)
UI349 Comparative Economic Systems*
UI366 Law and Economics*


*Also meets General Education Requirements


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