Finance Courses

All finance courses above 361 have FI361 as a prerequisite unless otherwise noted.The numbers in parentheses indicate hours of credit.

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FI 361. Financial Management 
FI 362. Advanced Financial Management
FI 363. Entrepreneurial Finance 
FI 364. Modern Financial Institutions
FI 365. Real Estate Principles
FI 368. Investments
FI 471-3. Internship in Finance
FI 475. Futures Seminar
FI 480. Financial Policy
FI 493. Independent Study in Finance
FI 540. International Finance
FI 568. Portfolio Seminar
UI 349. Comparative Economic Systems
UI 366. Law and Economics

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FI 260. Personal Finance. Study of personal financial decisions including investments, real estate, insurance, personal taxes, estate planning, tax shelters and financial planning. This course is not applicable on Accounting or Finance majors. (3)


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