FI568. Portfolio Seminar

FI568. Portfolio Seminar.


Department of Economics and Finance    Course No. FI468  
Revisi­on: Spring 2001  Title of Course:  Portfolio Seminar 
  1. Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course:
    Examination of the concepts relating to modern portfolio theory.  Topics include EMH, risk, portfolio performance, and related topics.  (3)
  2. Prerequisites:  FI368 Investments with minimum grade of "C".
  3. Purposes or Objectives of Course:
    1. To provide an in-depth practical study of the theories of portfolio management and investment.
      (1.Demonstrate ability to make informed, intelligent value decisions  2. Demonstrate ability to locate and gather information and  3.. Demonstrate effective communication skills.)
    2. To give students an opportunity to plan, implement, and assess the performance of both simulated and real portfolios. (1.Demonstrate capabilities for critical thinking, reasoning and analyzing. and  2.Demonstrate ability to make informed, intelligent value decisions)
    3. The course will be taught consistent with General Education objectives.
  4. Expectations of Students:
    1. General
      Each student is expected to perform professionally with reference to attendance, participation, compliance with assignments, including microcomputer projects, etc.  This is a professional course and requires a professional attitude on the part of the student.  This means that the assigned material should be read with discrimination, intellectual curiosity, reflective thinking, and critical analysis.
    2. Readings
      Each student will be expected to read the current issues of the Wall Street Journal and become familiar with other financial publications.
    3. Class Projects
      Each student will complete 3-5 word-processed reports.  The reports will give students an opportunity to apply the classroom discussions to the current investment environment.  Each student will be required to make 4 to 6 presentations during the semester.
    4. Examinations
      There are 1-3 examinations to be given in the course, including the final examination.  The examinations are a combination of both subjective and objective type ques­tions.  The exami­nations are designed to test the student's knowledge and level of understanding attained during the semester.
  5. Course Content or Outline:
    A. Investment Background


    B. Valuation (Review)


    C. Investment Theory(Review)


    D. Equity Valuation (Review)


    E. Fixed Income Securities (Review)


    F. Investment Management


    G. Field Trip New York Stock Exchange




  6. Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Material or Equipment:
    Investment Concepts, Analysis, and Strategy, 5th Edition, Robert C. Radcliffe, 1994, Harper, Collins.
  7. Basis for Student Evaluation:
    1. Quality of contributions by the student to the class.
    2. Quality of special class projects, homework assignments and papers.
    3. Level of understanding shown on the examination.
    4. Completion of microcomputer projects and presentations.


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