EC 387-389. Independent Study in Economics

EC 387-389. Independent Study in Economics.

EC387-389 Independent Study
Department of Economics and Finance
COURSE SYLLABUS, EC387-389, Independent Study in Economics

Revised in October 1989

EC387, 1 hr.

EC388, 2 hr.

EC389, 3 hr.

I. Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course:

Directed individual study of special interest areas in economics. (1, 2, 3)

II. Prerequisties:

A. Approval of department chairperson.

B. A minimum of 75 semester hous completed; a minimum of 10 semester hours in economics; a minimum overall 2.5 grade point average; or a minimum 2.75 grade point average in economics.

III. Purposes or Objectives of the Course:

A. To encourage students to undertake in depth study of an area of special interest.

B. To allow students to develop self-motivated study patterns.

C. To encourage students to explore areas in economics that cannot be covered in regular course format.

IV. Expectations of Students:

A. The student must get prior approval from the faculty member with whom he/she intends to work and the chairperson of the department.

B. The student is expected to develop a proposal for the independent study and to obtain the intended faculty member's approval of the proposal.

C. The student is expected to consult with the faculty member periodically (as outlined in the proposal) concerning progress on the project.

V. Course Outline:

Course content will be described in the proposal for the independent study.

VI. Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials or Equipment

To be specificed in the proposal.

VII. Basis of Student Evaluation

The student's grade will be determined according to the proposal.


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