EC 340. Economics of Growth and Development

EC 340. Economics of Growth and Development.

EC340 Economic Growth and Development
Department of Economics and Finance
COURSE SYLLABUS, EC340, Economics of Growth and Development

Revised in October 1989

I. Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course

Characteristics and problems of less developed countries. Criteria of growth and development with emphasis on strategies for development. Obstacles to economic growth and policies for promoting growth. (3)

II. Prerequisite(s)

MA134 College Algebra

EC215 Principles of Microeconomics

EC225 Principles of Macroeconomics

III. Purposes or Objectives of the Course

To familiarize the student with the problems of underdeveloped economies related to the world economies

IV. Expectations of Students

A. Regular class attendance

B. Familiarity with assigned readings

C. Participation in class discussion

V. Course Outline

A. Methodological Approaches to Development

B. Theories of Economic Growth

C. The Role of Capital, Labor, Technological Progress, and Organization in the Development Process

D. Structural Change

E. Theories of Economic Development

F. Economic Policy and Market Systems

G.Choosing Sectoral Priorities

H. Monetary and Fiscal Policies

I. Some Problems of Less Developed Countries

1. Rapid population growth

2. Urbanization and urban economic development

J. Development Economics and International Trade 6

1. Import substitution and export promotion

2. International transfers

3. International collective action

K. Employment and Income Distribution 2

L. Planning and Development 3

VI. Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Material or Equipment

The Economics of Development, Gills, Perkins, Roemer and Snodgreass, Norton, 1992

VII. Basis of Student Evaluation

Performance on tests, quizzes, assignments, reports, or other activities required for the course.


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