Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training equips participants to prepare for all aspects of a disaster.

24-Hour CERT Training Program 

The 24-Hour CERT Training program covers topics such as:  

  • Disaster Preparedness 
  • Disaster Fire Suppression 
  • Disaster Medical Operations 
  • Light Search and Rescue Operations 
  • Disaster Psychology and Team Organization 
  • Bio-Terrorism 
  • Disaster Simulation 

CERT Refresher Course 

When was the last time you practiced your CERT skills? If severe weather struck, would you be prepared?  

The winters of 2008 and 2009 brought paralyzing ice storms to regions of Missouri. In February 2008, we experienced a round of severe thunderstorms in Southeast Missouri – and in March 2008 we saw several severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The cities of Crosstown, Caruthersville, and Jackson, Missouri have been struck by tornadoes in recent times leaving behind a grim reminder of how devastating these twisters can be. 

Our CERT Refresher program will cover: 

  • Disaster Preparedness 
  • Fire Suppression 
  • Box Cribbing and Cribbing Operations 
  • Rescue Lifts and Carries 
  • Medical Operations 
  • Triage 
  • Search and Rescue 

CERT Refresher classes will be scheduled as needed. 

As part of this program, your picture will be taken, and a new CERT Picture ID Card issued to you. 

To be determined 

No charge 

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this training program. 

Required Dress/Equipment List 
Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes to accommodate the weather. If available, bring your personal response pack. 

CERT Training

Disaster preparedness and response training.


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