Financing is available for new or existing small businesses in the Southeast Missouri region through the Engagement Center’s closely allied nonprofit the Missouri Innovation Corporation (MIC).

The goals of this loan program financed through the U.S. Department of Agriculture are:

  • Create and retain jobs in Southeast Missouri
  • Complement (not replace) financing from local lenders
  • Partner with local public and private organization that provide complementary resources important to local businesses

The Goal

Create an agriculture technology ecosystem in the Missouri Bootheel resulting in an agribusiness-friendly environment which includes collaboration among a variety of institutions and organizations.


Serve agribusiness in the region by offering support in the form of technological advice and assistance, financial counseling and assistance, and business planning assistance.


Work together with businesses, startups, lending institutions, research centers, universities and communities to make the Bootheel an attractive place to locate the next generation of ag tech companies.

Success by the Numbers

  • 14%

    Job Increase

    The Bootheel of Missouri saw a 14% increase in ag-related jobs during the last 15 years.

  • 25%

    Agriculture Products

    One quarter of all of the state of Missouri’s agricultural products come from the Bootheel.

  • $1.2B

    Annual Production

    The annual agriculture production from Missouri’s Bootheel is $1.2 billion.


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