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General:  Dual credit faculty and students are encouraged to use Kent Library to facilitate and augment dual credit courses or to become generally acquainted with an academic library.  The library is located on Normal Avenue in front of Academic Hall and maintains a wide range of hours of operation.  Call (573) 651-2235, the administrative office, or (573) 651-2230, the reference desk, for information or to check on when the library is open. 

Walk-in traffic is welcomed, and any Missouri resident may check out books with a valid Missouri driver’s license. 

Electronic Access:  As a matter of convenience to all faculty and students, Kent Library has been aggressive in making its collections and databases available via the Internet.  Access to the Kent Library page is via the Southeast homepage, under the “Current Students” option.  The direct URL to the Library’s home page is at

The Library’s new proxy server requires a patron to enter their last name and a letter-number sequence.  The library no longer makes use of the old MUSIC user codes nor does it make use of the new Southeast Key Codes to access the databases. 

For students the number-letter sequence as circled in green below + semo example: 121334567aSEMO (letters may be upper or lower case.)

For Faculty/Staff the campus ID is similar, but without a letter between the number sequence and SEMO example: 121334567SEMO.

If there is a problem logging into the server another page will appear and display troubleshooting instructions.

Important: You only need to log in once for every browser session (you won't be prompted to log in again unless you shut down and restart your browser)

For other services students, faculty, and staff will need to make use of Southeast Keys.  Beginning August 17, 2003 the transition to a new type of student computing account began.  The previously used MUSIC accounts are being replaced with Southeast Keys (SE Keys for short).  (Note:  MUSIC accounts are recognizable by their length of seven characters and “stu” suffix.  For example, pv21stu.)   Information Technology encourages all students that make use of Southeast’s computing facilities (e-mail, Internet dialup access, open computing labs, Kent Library Reference Area, ResNet, or online courses) to activate their SE Key as soon as possible.  SE Keys may be activated by logging on to My Southeast and following the appropriate link. SE Keys cannot be used until they are activated.

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