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Dual Credit High School Enrollment Process

Enrollment Form Process

Process for instructor approval for face to face classes

English Adjunct Approval Process

As required by the Coordinating Board, faculty teaching dual credit EN140 "shall typically have a master's degree" in English. In addition, the Department of English requires the following information, documents, and qualifications of those who are applying to teach this course:

  1. A curriculum vitae, including complete transcripts.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the teacher's principal. This letter must include, for example, commentary on the teacher's qualifications to teach the course, the appropriateness of this course to the school's demographics, and other pertinent information. A letter that merely asks the department to consider the candidate will be considered insufficient, and the application will be returned as incomplete.
  3. A letter of application from the teacher, discussing, for.example, backgrounds in teaching composition, relevant workshops and other training opportunities taken, general philosophy-of teaching compositio.n, and the type of students who would enroll in this course and the teacher's expectations of.those students.
  4. Demonstrated background experiences or training in-composition theory and tile use of the holistic approach to evaluation gained either as a graduate teaching assistant or adjunct in the Department of English at Southeast Missouri State University or through the successful completion of EN600: Orientation Seminar.

Background in compositio.n theory and/or holistic scoring gained at another college or unive.rsity as a graduate teaching assistant or faculty member may be sufficient to meet this criterion. Applicants should provide a thorough synopsis of soch experiences in their letters of application.

Faculty Qualifications and Support

New Faculty Appointments: High schools seeking to have a faculty member approved for dual credit instruction will submit a letter of nomination from the principal naming the recommended faculty member and specifying the course to be taught. This nomination will be supported by the concurrent submission of the nominee's resume and college transcripts. Nominees must possess minimally the master’s degree in the discipline [i.e. the MA in History] or a master’s degree with a minimum of 18 credit hours in the discipline exclusive of method and survey courses [i.e. MA in Teaching with 18 hours in the discipline]. EXCEPTION: The sponsoring academic department may require additional information from faculty applicants provided these requirements are congruent with the requirements placed on applicants for part-time faculty positions on campus.

Nominations will be submitted to the Office of Dual Credit and that office will screen all applicants for compliance with CBHE and university criteria for dual credit and off-campus faculty. Qualified nominations will then be submitted to the subject academic department for review. The process of review and appointment for each department will be the same as for the appointment of any part-time faculty member.

The department chair or designee will advise the Office of Dual Credit in writing of departmental action, and where a dual credit instructor is approved, written notification should be in the form of a letter of appointment that will become part of the dual credit faculty member's permanent personnel file. The Office of Dual Credit will advise the high school of the final disposition on faculty nominations

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