Course Information

All dietetics students (regardless of track) will take the following courses:

  • AD101: Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
  • BS113: Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BS114: Anatomy & Physiology II
  • FN235: Nutrition for Health
  • FN255: Nutrition I
  • FN240: Introduction to Food Science
  • FN340: Professional Dietetic Seminar
  • FN355: Lifespan Nutrition
  • FN540: Community Nutrition
  • HL303 OR PY271: Research Methods OR Research Design I
  • PY101: Psychological Perspectives/Human Behavior

The Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) prepares students to apply for an ACEND-accredited dietetic internship program upon completion. There is no minor required for this track.

  • BS240: Microorganisms/Human Host
  • CH181: Basic Principles of Chemistry
  • CH234: Organic & Biological Chemistry
  • FN310: Food & Culture
  • FN320: Essentials of Food Science
  • FN370: Nutrition Assessment
  • FN401: Sports Nutrition
  • FN415: Principles & Practices of Food Service for the Dietitian
  • FN450: Food Service Operations
  • FN502: Nutrition II
  • FN503: Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  • FN504: Medical Nutrition Therapy II
  • FN505: Senior Dietetic Seminar
  • FN525: Nutrition Counseling
  • HE520: Techniques of Teaching Nutrition & Health Education
  • FN330: Financial Management & Cost Control in Dietetics
  • MA134: College Algebra
  • BI163: Evolution & Ecology
  • BI173: Cell & Organismal Biology
  • BI283: Genetics
  • BI310: General Microbiology
  • CH185: General Chemistry I
  • CH186: Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH187: Inorganic Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis Lab
  • CH341: Foundations of Organic Chemistry
  • CH342: Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH343: Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • CH344: Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • CH531: Biochemistry
  • FN320: Essentials of Food Science
  • FN502: Nutrition II
  • MA134: College Algebra
  • PH120: Introductory Physics I (5)
  • PH121: Introductory Physics II
  • FN370: Nutrition Assessment
  • FN503: Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  • FN520: Nutrition & Aging
  • HE520: Techniques of Teaching Nutrition & Health Education
  • HL111: Introduction to Health Management
  • HL120: Health Perspectives
  • HL260: Health Promotion Practicum
  • HL320: Community Health
  • HL332: Lifestyle Disease Risk Reduction
  • HL432: Health Promotion Programs
  • HL490: Program Planning/Evaluation
  • MA123 OR MA155: Survey of Mathematics OR Statistical Reasoning


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One University Plaza, MS####
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701