Cyber Range:

The Cyber Range is an interactive, remote accessible computational platform of virtualized digital resources which can be weaved together to aid and solve experimental, research, educational, and operational challenges of cyber enabled systems. The Cyber Range will offer remote accessible educational content delivery and collaboration platform, a virtual platform to experiment any complex cyber enabled architecture, and experimentation infrastructure for security of cyber-enabled systems. In addition, it will provide the ability for compliance testing and validation framework for PCI-DSS, HIPPA, NERC etc., a competition framework for security and computing competitions, and a research testbed for cyber augmented and/or enabled systems.

Instructional Lab:

The instructional lab for cybersecurity has 20 computers that are equipped to handle the requirements of the cybersecurity curriculum. This lab is supported with a private cloud infrastructure. It also has 1 instructor computer station with large screen monitors to accommodate a maximum of 32 students.

Research Lab:

The research lab is equipped with:

  • 1 LAN enabled Agilent Logic Analyzer
  • 1 IBM X3850 Server as a private cloud host
  • 1 Cisco Server for Intrusion Detection System
  • 16 ARM TrustZone boards
  • 16 Freescale MCIMX51EVKJ boards
  • 20 TPM chips from Atmel
  • 2 Smartfusion FPGA Board
  • 16 Computers for Cybersecurity Curriculum
  • 16 TB NAS for Data Storage
  • 1 Firewall
  • 1 Router

This research lab houses the “cyber-stadium” which is a private cloud that can host multiple cloud based operating system mix to deliver a variety of research outcomes.  Current research topics being pursues within this lab are:

  1. Certificate Revocation
  2. Fuzzing techniques to identify vulnerabilities in web services
  3. Smart road sensors, performance and security implications


Dempster 021A

Center for Cybersecurity
One University Plaza, MS5950
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701