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Teaching Guidelines and Procedures

In these pages, we have more information on the Online, Hyperflex, and Blended delivery options for courses. 

Online Instruction Certification for Fall 2020

 The Face-to-Face Instructional Guidelines Fall 2020 outline the process for determining the delivery mode to offer courses while minimizing risk. If a course is approved to transition to online, it needs to meet all of the program learning goals and outcomes already established for that course. HLC Accreditation Criterion states:

The institution’s program quality and learning goals are consistent across all modes of delivery and all locations (on the main campus, at additional locations, by distance delivery, as dual credit, through contractual or consortial arrangements, or any other modality).

Beginning the Fall 2020 semester, this review will be required of any course that is changing from a face-to-face format to a fully online or fully remote deliver method. That includes both asynchronous (such as courses using live Zoom sessions) and synchronous courses (typically what we consider an online course). Exclusions to this are the one-on-one interactions that have to transition to synchronous interactions such as vocal and music lessons.

Maintaining academic quality is essential for all modes of delivery. Our current process requires that any online section of a course offered at Southeast Missouri State University must meet the standards outlined in the Open SUNY COTE Quality Review (OSCQR)  rubric. Under the standard process and timeline, a course can be offered one semester before it is approved through the OSCQR review process. Due to COVID, the Fall 2020 semester is uniquely different. The timeframe to make these transitions is limited and because of the limited time to develop courses and the continued need to ensure quality, an expedited review process will be required for all courses that have not been approved by OSCQR or the Master Template Studio process.

Fall 2020 Approval Process for Online Courses Not Previously QM Certified

 1.     The faculty member of the course will need to contact CTL at to schedule an appointment to meet with an instructional designer. That initial meeting must be before August 10, 2020.

2.     During that initial meeting, an instructional designer will meet with the faculty member to:

a.     review what instructional materials the faculty member has developed to that point

b.     discuss with the faculty member any training and support they may need

c.      develop an individual plan to assist the faculty with developing their course to meet the Open SUNY COTE Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric requirements.

3.     The modified OSCQR rubric and its standards can be found at:

5.     The instructional designer will work individually with the faculty member to ensure the course meets the OSCQR standards before the start of the semester. Once the course meets those standards, CTL will:

a.     approve the course

b.     notify the department chair

c.      update the Smartsheet COVID – Change of Delivery Approval form accordingly

d.     schedule the three follow-up meetings with the faculty member

6.     Faculty will have three (3) follow-up meetings with the instructional designer during the fall semester. These can be in-person or remote.

a.     Meeting one – the third week of the semester, the week of September 7th.

b.     Meeting two – week nine of the semester, the week of October 19th.

c.      Meeting three – week 13, week of November 16th.

·       This expedited process will certify the course for delivery the Fall of 2020 and the Spring of 2021. Courses will then have to be approved through the standard course approval process before it can be offered online again.

·       Courses for the Hyflex pilot, because they have work closely with CTL and SEonline in their development, will not need to submit for review through this process.

·       For Blended and Mixed courses, they will not need to be submitted for review of the expedited process, but training materials are available at  and training sessions will be offered as needed. Faculty can also contact CTL for assistance with modifying their course to meet the Mixed delivery mode.



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