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At this time of rapid global change, CSIS provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decision-makers in government, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society.

On Thursday, April 13, 2017 the 30 students who attended the 2017 CSIS Program, gave policy proposals of their own at the 25th Annual Student Research Conference on the Southeast Campus. These presentations are the product of their semester-long research on campus and in D.C.

The six group presentations are listed below.


• Enhancing the Academic Experience - Alexis Engelhart, Peyton Mogley, Jacquelyn Bruno, Caitlin Woods, & Abbie Hopen


• Five Things You Won't Read on Facebook - Kelly McCormack, Tracie Beard, Bhanu Sehgal, Sarah Monteiro, & Rachel Orf


• Resources - Kelli Sargent, Patricia Johnson, Rachel Bruce, Casey Seabaugh, & Dylan Kennedy


• Health and Medicine - Zainab Iqbal, Rutvi Zalawadia, Jessica Lier, Grace Boyum, & Breiona Catching


• The Future of Education and Technology - Megan Goessling, Faizel Khan, Laura Gohn, Holly Lynn, & Anthony Lee


• Facts, Food, and the Future - Sabrina Flohr, Ahmed Hasan, Shelbey Walker, Cameron Clark, & Jessye Griffin



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