courses listed by semester

Courses by Program and by Semester

Fall and Spring Semesters

  • CS155 Computer Science I
  • CS177 Programming for Scientists and Engineers
  • CS265 Computer Science II
  • CS280 Computer Systems
  • CS300 Computer Science III
  • CS483 Problems In Computer Science
  • IS130 Application Development I
  • IS175 Information Systems I
  • IS245 Web Development and Security
  • IS275 Information Systems II
  • IU309 Writing for Science & Technology

Fall Semester Only

  • CS245 Discrete Structures I
  • CS315 C and the UNIX Environment
  • CS350 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS375 Computer Graphics
  • CS390 Programming Languages
  • CS445 Software Engineering I
  • CS480 Data Communications
  • CS500 Fundamentals of Programming
  • CS503 Fundamentals of Computing
  • CS506 Distributed Cloud Computing
  • CS581 Advanced Network Programming
  • CS609 Advanced Programming Languages
  • CS631 Advanced Software Engineering
  • IS145 Intro to Web Development
  • IS375 Database and Information Systems
  • IS445 Systems Analysis and Design
  • IS448 IT Project Management
  • IS465 Management Support Systems
  • CY310 Information Security and Assurance
  • CY320 Information Security in Systems Administration
  • CY510 Information Security and Assurance
  • CY520 Information Security in Systems Administration

Spring Semester Only

  • CS003 Computer Science Assessment
  • CS280 Computer Systems
  • CS331 Applications Programming
  • CS345 Discrete Structures II
  • CS380 Operating Systems
  • CS440 Database
  • CS495 Senior Seminar
  • IS003 Computer Information Systems Assessment
  • IS320 Human Computer Interaction
  • IS330 Application Development II
  • IS340 Information Technology
  • IS360 Mobile App Development
  • IS440 Web Design for E-Commerce
  • IS495 Senior Seminar
  • UI450 Capstone Experience
  • CY201 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CY410 Web Applications Security
  • CY420 Computer Forensics
  • CY501 Introduction to Cybersecurity

Electives (Offering as needed)

  • CS360 Computer Organization
  • CS373 Introduction to Game Programming
  • CS375 Computer Graphics
  • CS455 Topics in Application Programming
  • CS473 3D Game Programming
  • CS490 Artificial Intelligence
  • IS339 Network Support Systems
  • IS439 Electronic Commerce


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