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The Center for Writing Excellence

The Center for Writing Excellence, located in Memorial Hall room 103, offers students the chance to receive input and advice on writing assignments of any length or type. In most cases, appointments are not required if your paper is less than ten pages in length. During busy times in the semester, you may want to plan ahead and get your paper done early.

Getting Help with a Paper

If your paper is shorter than ten pages in length, you may walk into the Center for Writing Excellence and, after a short wait, get help with your paper. Undergraduate, as well as graduate papers are welcome. The staff at the Center for Writing Excellence will help you analyze and improve your paper in terms of focus, organization, development, grammar, syntax, citations, and overall clarity. They will not correct or write a paper for you, but will help you work with what you have done to make the best paper possible. You should keep in mind that the middle and end of a semester are very busy times and plan your schedule accordingly so you do not procrastinate and find yourself without help on your paper. 

Submitting a Draft

It also is possible to submit your paper via online dropbox and receive comments and suggestions for the improvement of your paper if your paper is six pages long or less. If your paper is longer than six pages, you must come to the Center for Writing Excellence for a face-to-face conference. Graduate students submitting major papers (such as a thesis) must also come for a face-to-face conference. As a rule, a staff member will respond to your e-mail within 48 hours. Submissions may not be responded to as quickly during the middle and end of a semester and if a paper is sent on Friday, it will not be retrieved until Monday and may not get a response until Tuesday. However, the staff usually are able to respond to a submission the same day they receive it.

When you submit a paper, you should write on the submission page the questions and concerns you have about your draft. You can find writing samples as well as some questions that may help you on the Center for Writing Excellence Website.

Submit a Draft to the Center for Writing Excellence


The staff at the Center for Writing Excellence realize that citing and documentation can be one of the most archaic and tedious parts of the writing process. The Center for Writing Excellence offers online citation manuals for MLA, APA and many other documentation styles and the staff are willing to help you in person with your documentation questions. To view the online documentation guides, please visit:


Grammar and punctuation errors can ruin a paper even if the content is interesting to the reader. Maintaining the professionalism of your writing by cleansing your paper of grammar and punctuation errors is an essential part of the writing process. The staff at the Center for Writing Excellence will help you identify and correct these errors in your paper. Online aids also are available for grammar and punctuation questions. To view these aids, please visit:

For more information and for the hours of the Center for Writing Excellence, please call (573) 651-2460 or visit:

(573) 651-2460
Memorial Hall 103

One University Plaza, MS 3760
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701