Southeast Missouri State University encourages students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Time and time again, we have said “thank you” for all that you did to reduce the spread of COVID-19 last year. It’s a new academic year, with new tools to fight COVID-19. We have all been in this together from the start. And, again, we are asking you to do your part to keep our University community safe. Graphic of a red bandaid that reads The Great SEMO Vaccine Getaway/Giveaway

Our Goal

Achieve a 70% vaccination rate for students, faculty and staff by November 1, 2021. YOU CAN HELP US ACHIEVE THIS GOAL!


The vaccination rate reflects the number of faculty, staff and students who have shared proof of vaccination with the University 

The Give Away

A vaccinated campus population will improve our chances of continuing to do things we love to do.

To help encourage our students to continue to get vaccinated, a $25 Redbucks account credit or a $25 Southeast Bookstore gift card will be given to the first 2,000 students receiving either a first or second dose between now and October 1 at a vaccination clinic on the Southeast campus.

All students who have submitted proof of full vaccination will also automatically be entered to win one of 200 cash prizes. These drawings will begin soon and continue through November 1 to reward those who have already been vaccinated and to encourage participation in vaccination clinics this fall.

Date of Drawing Cash Prize and Number of Prizes By Date
  $500 $250
Monday, September 20 40 40
Monday, October 4 20 20
Monday, October 18 20 20
Monday, November 1 20 20

The Get Away

If we meet the 70% vaccination rate goal, students, faculty and staff will enjoy a weeklong Thanksgiving holiday break. Classes scheduled for November 22 and 23 will be cancelled and offices will be closed November 22-26.

Great SEMO Vaccine Give Away Get Away Winners

$500 Winners

  1. Angel Cuvillier
  2. Baili Diefenbach
  3. Aron Ferrell
  4. Jayce Graham
  5. Stephen Gullette
  6. Kennedy Herrell
  7. Jacob Holten
  8. Muhammad Iqbal Hussain
  9. Hannah Jackson
  10. Ethan Jett
  11. Lily John
  12. Morgan Johnson
  13. Austin Kerley
  14. Elijah Knight
  15. Tomoya Kobori
  16. John Kovac
  17. Kazuma Kuroyanagi
  18. Hailee Long
  19. Naielah Lyons
  20. Kaitlyn Mayabb
  21. Jordan Merli
  22. Haley Mickey
  23. Gena Mitchell
  24. Allison Muenster
  25. Paige Quinn
  26. Skyler Robert
  27. Connor Ruzicka
  28. Ravyn Schriewer
  29. Lila Skaggs
  30. Shannon Strayhorn
  31. Alexandria Thomas
  32. Emma Tucker
  33. Jace Tuetken
  34. Ashley Welk
  35. Audrey Whitten
  36. Jacob Wieher
  37. Ayodya Prathibh Wijeratna Mudiyanselage Don
  38. Bryson Young
  39. Zoey Zahradka
  40. Rebbeca Zwick

$250 Winners

  1. Erin Ashwell
  2. Bejome Sucharit Balagam
  3. Adeeta Devi Balkaransingh
  4. Kyle Ballestro
  5. Brooke Blume
  6. Dominica Bowles
  7. Emma Brune
  8. Madelyn Bryant
  9. Chelsey Cahill
  10. Tarique Chowdhury
  11. Dorise Clark
  12. Christine Curvey
  13. Zachary Dillard
  14. Bryson Donnell
  15. Ethan Elder
  16. Yannis Dany F Groffy
  17. Kate Hendrickson
  18. Martha Higgins
  19. Macie Hogenmiller
  20. Soumya Kakumanu
  21. Sri Lakshmi Sud Kolluru
  22. Jordan Lloyd
  23. Sho Nakayama
  24. Adam Nicholson
  25. Destin Patek
  26. Gillian Pendel
  27. Kari Pepple
  28. Maggie Piper
  29. Kristen Poelker
  30. Grace Purcell
  31. Shahneela Sibtain
  32. Tristen Simmonds
  33. Addie Stucker
  34. Sarah Trombley
  35. Dondla Vishwanth Kumar Reddy
  36. Haley Webery
  37. Devrin Williams
  38. Duomeng Ye
  39. Yiyi Zhang
  40. Abigail Zwissler

$500 Winners

  1. Brianna Bohling
  2. Dakota Cantrell
  3. Kathryn Dickerson
  4. Gabriella Diebold
  5. Ben Driver
  6. Alexandra Engel
  7. Sophie Gitlin
  8. Brooke Grogan
  9. Terrell Jester
  10. Wyatt Johnson
  11. Madelyn Johnson
  12. Madison Larrow
  13. Omar Abdulaziz Omar
  14. Phanindra Kumar Perumalla
  15. Madelyn Rogaczewski
  16. Brendan Ryan
  17. Abish Shrestha
  18. Mary Stewart
  19. Troy Stout
  20. Natasha Thomure

 $250 Winners

  1. Payton Ables
  2. Alexander Bansbach
  3. Catlyn Brady
  4. Katelyn Burns
  5. Zander Card
  6. Abram Cutshall
  7. Emily Dean
  8. Amy Gomez
  9. Adrianna Jefferson
  10. Justin Kottabi
  11. Tessa Lisk
  12. Begona Mattingly
  13. Molly McNeil
  14. Landon Middleton
  15. Chidi Ogbonna
  16. Mia Orlando
  17. Jaimin Patel
  18. Rachel Porter
  19. Alexus Sturgeon
  20. Meron Anteneh Tesfaye

$500 Winners

  1. Kaylea Adams
  2. Nathan Belcher
  3. Jackson Bray
  4. Ashlyn Edwards
  5. Cannon Garcia
  6. Boone Gartman
  7. Dianni Guerra
  8. Savannah Henderson
  9. Conner Hohmann
  10. Bradley Jones
  11. Sydney Mayo
  12. Alexis Moore
  13. Blake Patterson
  14. Isabel Phillips
  15. Brock Plassman
  16. Kennedi Watkins
  17. Lydia Webb
  18. Alexandria Wells
  19. Aikebaier Xiahenazi
  20. Sara Yilmaz

$250 Winners

  1. Sawyer Becherer
  2. Netsanet Belachew
  3. Jackson Bradshaw
  4. Jesse Brewster
  5. Evan Burrows
  6. Kayla Byrd
  7. Calvin Crenshaw
  8. Grace Crowden
  9. Alyson Dion
  10. Tavia Eanes
  11. Abigail Emmons
  12. Taylor Ferrell
  13. Avindra Gorijala
  14. Kaleigh Green
  15. Nathan Korte
  16. Amira Muhsen
  17. Nguyen Thao Pham
  18. Jenna Rankin
  19. Shelby Rickey
  20. Prathima Samineni

$500 Winners

  1. Jacie Buescher
  2. Jacob Callentine
  3. Lyndsey Deen
  4. Shannon Gipson
  5. Deondray Jenkins
  6. Morgan Keller
  7. Addison Key
  8. Johnny King
  9. Grace Larson
  10. Nathan Miller
  11. Kylie Noe
  12. Jessica Parris
  13. Mackenzie Pugh
  14. Gabrielle Roth
  15. Brandon Sneed
  16. Justin Splitt
  17. Jenna Steitz
  18. Elizabeth Stingle
  19. Autumn Wagner
  20. Neleigh Wilkison

$250 Winners

  1. Kayla Al-Amami
  2. Austin Ames
  3. Sajol Bhandari
  4. Johnithan Duer
  5. Sarah Hoester
  6. Tim Knoll
  7. Krista Laughlin
  8. Sumaiya Mahmud
  9. Vamshi Sai Kris Mallela
  10. Molly McNabb
  11. Desiree McNeely
  12. Allison Mitchell
  13. Rachel Mueller
  14. Savannah Penn
  15. Rajesh Pulime
  16. Katelyn Robertson
  17. Lauren Sipes
  18. Sadie Stefani
  19. Taylor Strange
  20. Rayna Taylor

Assessing the Fully Vaccinated Rate

To help measure vaccination rates at Southeast, students, faculty and staff are invited to log their vaccine record. Please only provide evidence of full vaccination. You can log your information several ways:

  • Upload a scan or photo of your CDC vaccination card. The uploaded image must be clear and must include the name of the vaccinated person.
  • Present your Southeast ID and vaccination card, which must be easy to read and include the name of the vaccinated person, at one of these locations during regular business hours during regular business hours beginning Monday, Aug. 30 at 9 a.m.:
    • Student Recreation Center
    • University Center, room 413
    • River Campus Chart Clinic in Dobbins Center
    • Kennett Campus
    • Sikeston Campus
    • Cape College Center
    • Poplar Bluff, TRC Westover Administration Bldg. #200A
  • Participants in a vaccination clinic on the Southeast campus after August 23, can log their information at the time the vaccine is received.
  • Submissions must be entered by the vaccinated person to be valid (friends and family cannot submit on behalf of students, faculty or staff).

Vaccine information will solely be used for the purpose of assessing the percentage of fully vaccinated individuals in our campus community and to select students to win prizes. Vaccine information will not be maintained for use by contact tracers or as a part of person’s medical record, as the University does not maintain medical records for students or employees. The uploaded image of a vaccine record card will be deleted once it has been reviewed.


  • Students can receive one $25 gift for attending a vaccine clinic, for either their first or second dose.
  • Students must provide full proof of vaccination by the close of business the day prior to the drawing to win prizes.
  • Students must be enrolled at the time of the drawing to win a prize.
  • Students may receive only one of the cash prizes from the bi-weekly drawings.
  • Students who are also benefit-eligible employees are not eligible to win prizes or receive gift cards.
  • Students enrolled as Early College/Dual Credit are not eligible for prize drawings or gift cards.

Additional Information

  • The $500 and $250 cash prizes will be paid directly to students in the form of a direct deposit to their bank account. Students who do not have direct deposit established by the drawing date will have checks mailed to their permanent address on file.
  • Payments will be processed as follows: September 20 drawings will be paid October 1, October 4 drawings will be paid October 15, October 18 drawings will be paid October 29, and November 1 drawings will be paid November 12. Payments will be processed as follows: September 20 drawings will be paid October 1, October 4 drawings will be paid October 15, October 18 drawings will be paid October 29, and November 1 drawings will be paid November 12.
  • International students who receive any prize will receive an IRS1042 form and will be responsible for the taxes on the gift.
  • Southeast Bookstore gift cards and cash prizes will be taxable for prize recipients who are also student employees.
  • Cash prize recipients agree to allow their name and/or likeness to be used to publicly announce their prize status.
  • Unvaccinated faculty, staff and students will also benefit from the extended Thanksgiving break if the vaccination rate goal is achieved.
  • An extended Thanksgiving break would be considered extra designated holidays for faculty and staff, therefore not requiring electronic timesheet recording.