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project director responsibilities

Financial Management

Once your grant code (index #) is set up, your grant accountant will post the approved budget, per agency contract, on Banner. You are the financial manager and first approver for all charges to the grant.

All grant expenditures (e.g., additional pays, personnel forms, and travel expenses) will also require the approval of your grant accountant. Grant expenditures must comply with grant regulations as well as University policies and procedures.

Banner Training is required in order to access online approvals and budget queries. See Banner Training section for list of courses.


The project director is responsible for budget control. The budget categories of the awarding agency will be collapsed to fit the six basic University pooled budget accounts:

  • 610000 Student Wages
  • 620000 Personnel
  • 701000 Operations
  • 712000 Indirect Costs
  • 780000 Equipment
  • 790000 Capital Expenditures

It is the project director’s responsibility to abide by the granting agency’s specific budget categories per the award.

Printing/Bookstore Charges

Charges can be made for Printing Option 2a and 2b or at the Southeast Bookstore by providing your grant index number.



Actions to take in the event of termination/transfer/retirement of Project Director:
When a supervisor becomes aware that a faculty member/staff member that is a project Director on a grant will be leaving the University, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to notify the appropriate grant accountant. The grant accountant will then need to work with the Project Director and the granting agency on either a transfer to the new institution, change of Project Director, or termination of the grant. Sponsor guidelines must be reviewed to determine what changes may need to be made to active awards. Grants and contracts are awarded to Southeast Missouri State University, not directly to the Project Director.

All University policies and protocols for hiring personnel apply to grant-funded projects. Please contact Human Resources as soon as possible to begin the hiring process. Policies for hiring personnel can be found online at

A Personnel Action form found under Human Resources Forms needs to be completed in the following situations:

  • The grant ends or is extended.
  • The grant is renewed and is given a different University index number.
  • An employee is terminated prior to the original stop date.
  • A change in FTE. 

Interdepartmental Forms

Interdepartmental Expense Transfer Form (PDF)

Purchasing Card

Eligible grant expenditures for low-value goods, services and travel expenses can be purchased with a University Purchasing Card.

Chrome River

Travel and Expense Management System for submitting reimbursements and reconciling Purchasing Card transactions.


Information and forms can be obtained online at


Contact Telecommunications for information regarding telephone and faxes

Program Reports

Project directors are responsible for completion and filing of all program reports. Timely reports must be done to insure compliance with contracts and continuity of funding.

Agency Revisions

Please refer to your grant agreement regarding requirements for budget revisions or no-cost time extension. Send a copy of any agency approved changes to your grant accountant.

University Budget Transfers

Budget transfer requests must be approved in writing by the project director and appropriate agency officer. The grant accountant completes all budget transfers. All transfers must comply with grant contract requirements.

Time and Effort Verifications

Employees being paid by a grant should maintain records of time worked on a grant.  To ensure compliance with Grant contracts, "time and effort" must be verified by the Project Director. You will receive these verifications from your grant accountant monthly. As project director, you are required to review the reports. No action is needed if the reports are correct. If there are changes that need to be made, notify your Grant Accountant.


If you have a match requirement in your contract, you are required to track and document match expenditures. Please forward documentation to your grant accountant for proper reporting. Cash match must be identified and will be moved into your grant.

Audit Responsibilities

The project director will be responsible for providing all requested program information for the University annual audit of federal programs as well as any agency program reviews.

Cost Transfer Justification

All cost transfers, including salary, should be completed within 60 days of their original transaction date or within 15 days of the grant end date whichever date is sooner. The Operating Procedures are outlined in the Business Policy and Procedure Manual specifically External Grants and Contracts, Pre-AND-Post Awards Procedures, Cost Transfers page 8 and 9. All expense transfers must be accompanied by a completed Interdepartmental Expense Transfer Form and a Cost Transfer Justification Form.


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