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fiscal year end deadlines

Fiscal Year End for FY21

FY21 Year End Memo

Fiscal Year End for FY21

Budget Deficits
Open Encumbrances
Internal Billings

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These deadlines apply to all University accounts. Although grant accounts are subject to the deadlines below, it is recognized that certain grants may be multi-year or have a fiscal year which does not coincide with the University's fiscal year. However, year-end audit requirements mandate that the University report all of its activity, including grants, on a June 30 basis.

June 2
  • FY21 Cutoff date to place a Special Order at Southeast Bookstore.
June 11
  • FY21 REU Purchase Requisitions for items on contract and items not requiring formal bidding (< $100,000.01) due in Purchasing, including all grants.
June 16
  • FY21 Supply Orders due in Central Receiving.
June 24
  • FY21 Purchase Requisitions for Payment Enclosed orders must be entered, all on-line approvals completed, and all backup documentation received in Purchasing.
  • FY21 Cutoff date for departmental charges at Southeast Bookstore.
June 25
  • No new requisitions can be entered.
June 30
  • FY21 Deposits due to Cashiers by 12:00 noon.
  • No new requisitions can be entered.
  • All unapproved requisitions will be cancelled.
July 1
  • New requisitions can be entered when system becomes available.
July 2
  • Labor Redistributions up to BW12 and MN105 are due to Payroll.
July 7
  • Invoices and Chrome River Reports on grants must be submitted to the Grant Accountant for approval for goods and services received prior to July 1, 2021.
July 8
  • Labor redistributions for BW13 are due to Payroll.
  • Labor redistributions up to MN106 and SM6 are due to Payroll.
July 10
  • Chrome River Reports must be submitted and approved for travel and pcard expenses made prior to July 1, 2021.
July 13
  • Last day to enter Internal Charges for FY21.
July 14
  • Labor redistributions for BW14 are due to Payroll.
July 16
  • Invoices due in Accounts Payable, for goods or services received prior to July 1, 2021.
  • Forms to close or cancel FY21 Purchase Orders prior to encumbrance roll due in Accounts Payable.
  • Interdepartmental Transfers due in Controller's Office, for business prior to July 1, 2021, including grants.
July 30
  • All budget deficits must be cleared.
August 2
  • Open FY21 Purchase Orders and Travel Cash Advances will be rolled to FY22.

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Budget Deficits

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, it is imperative that departments transfer funds to cover all budget deficits. The Budget Office monitors budgets and distributes to all Deans and Vice Presidents deficit letters detailing indexes with deficits. Departments should monitor their budgets on-line using Banner Self-Service and begin making the appropriate transfers now. If budget transfers for FY21 need to be completed after June 30, the Transaction Date must be changed to 30-JUN-2021.

Please use the following steps to run a Budget Report:

  1. Sign on to Southeast Portal using your SE Key
  2. Click on the Employee SS tab.
  3. In the Banner Self-Service block.
  4. Select Finance.
  5. Select Budget Queries.
  6. At Retrieve Existing Queries, select Budget Report Template (Shared) from the drop down menu. This template is a standard budget report format designed by the Budget Office.
  7. Click Retrieve Query.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Enter the Index Code for the Budget that you need the report for.
  10. Click Submit Query.
  11. Click Submit Query again.
  12. Click on “60” to see the Available Balance for Student Labor or click on “70” to see the Available Balance for Equipment, Operating Expenditures, Capital Expenditures, or Scholarships.

All budget deficits must be cleared by July 30.

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Open Encumbrances

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, now is a good time to be aware of the status of any open Purchase Orders and General Encumbrances (Cash Advances).

Please follow the steps below to get a list of the encumbrances that remain open in your budget. Review this list for any purchase orders that may need to be closed or cancelled and any cash advance general encumbrances that an Expense Report has not been received in Accounts Payable.  Attention to these items will permit a smooth transfer from FY21 to FY22.

Also, remember that payments cannot be issued against purchase orders, which require a receiver, until a receiver document has been entered.

Thank you for your attention to these items. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Accounts Payable at ext. 2055.

Open Purchase Orders & Outstanding Cash Advances by Index or Fund/Organization

It is important for all departments to stay up to date on any Purchase Orders or Cash Advances that remain open on their Index(s). It is a good practice to run this Query on a monthly basis and review any open encumbrances.

  1. Sign on to Southeast Portal using your SE Key
  2. Click on the Employee SS tab.
  3. Click on Banner Self-Service.
  4. Choose Finance
  5. Choose Encumbrance Query.
  6. Select Open PO's and Cash Advances from the drop down menu.
  7. Click Retrieve Query
  8. Select the current Fiscal Year
  9. Enter the Index or the Fund and Organization.
  10. Click Submit Query.
  11. Click Submit Query again if index is entered.
  12. The query results will be a list of open Purchase Orders and Cash Advance General Encumbrances.

Close/Cancel a Purchase Order

If there are items on a purchase order or a full purchase order that needs to be closed or cancelled. Please fill out a Close/Cancel Form and send it to Accounts Payable MS 3250.

Encumbrance Roll

On August 2, any remaining balance on an open FY21 Purchase Order or Travel Encumbrance will be rolled to the new fiscal year. Budget dollars equivalent to the encumbrance will also be carried forward. These entries will show on the FY22 Budget Report and Encumbrance Query in the original FOAPAL but will not have the original document number.

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Internal Billings

FY21 Internal billings must be entered no later than July 13.

When entering an FY21 internal billing on July 1 through July 13, please use a billing date of 06/30/2021.

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Requisitions for FY21 (payment enclosed orders) may still be entered in Banner after June 30. However, requisitions for FY21 cannot be entered after July 6.  If entering an FY21 requisition on or after July 1 (when system becomes available) the following date entries must be made:

Internet Native Banner (INB) - FPAREQN
  • Order Date: 30-JUN-2021
  • Transaction Date: 30-JUN-2021
  • Delivery Date: 30-JUN-2021
Self Service - Requisition
  • Transaction Date: 30-JUN-2021
  • Delivery Date: 30-JUN-2021

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Grant contracts ending June 30, 2021 must have all funds expended by June 30 to qualify for Agency reimbursement.

Viewing Your Remaining Contract Balance
  1. Sign onto Southeast Portal using your SE Key
  2. Click on the Employee SS tab
  3. Click on Banner Self-Service
  4. Choose Finance
  5. Choose Budget Queries
  6. At Create a New Query, choose Budget Status by Account
  7. Click Create Query
  8. Click Continue
  9. Enter the Grant Code for the grant you need the balance for in the “Grant” field. Your grant code is the same as your index code.
  10. Click Submit

Grant Closing Checklist

Please complete the following tasks, if applicable, to ensure proper closeout of your grant.

Grant Procedures
  1. Send FY22 grant contract or letter of intent to Tameika Morris in Office of Research & Grant development.
  2. Complete online requisitions.
  3. Follow up on outstanding purchase orders. PO’s must be closed and paid 60-90 days following the grant end-date per the contract document.
  4. Submit Chrome River reports for grant approval. Submit final narrative reports as required by grant contract.
Payroll Procedures
  • Monthly Employees: DEADLINE: 7/16/21 Enter new index for approval in NEOGOV.
  • Bi-Weekly Employees: DEADLINE: 7/1/21 Enter new index for approval in NEOGOV.
  • Student Worker: DEADLINE 7/1/21 Email Patsy Seabaugh in HR with student name and new index to charge.
  • Graduate Assistant: Email Graduate Studies with new index to charge graduate assistant stipends and fee waivers.
Internal Charge Procedures
  • Email Cliff Gray in telecommunications with phone and fax numbers and new index to charge.
  • Throw away postage stickers for index of grant ending.
  • Contact central receiving to order new postage stickers.
  • Contact Ullanda Jackson in facilities with new index number for facilities internal charges.

If you have questions, please contact your Grant Accountant.

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