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Index Number (Grant Code)

After the fully executed contract is received by Accounting Services, your grant accountant will contact you when the index number is set up. Once the index number is assigned, your grant funds are available for your use.

Grant Financial Reports

The grant accountant files all financial reports which must be signed by the University Controller. Please contact your grant accountant for any financial information requested by your granting agency.


Agency and Reimbursement Checks

Program Income Checks

  • Indicate the grant number and the program income revenue account.
  • If not known, contact your grant accountant for appropriate number.
  • The checks should be receipted in the Cashier’s Office and copies forwarded to your Grant Accountant.

Agency Electronic Drawdowns

The Grant Accountant for your award will be responsible for setting up accounts and drawing funds electronically as required by your awarding agency.

It is the University's policy that grant funds are drawn on a cost reimbursement basis only. Advances on grant funds are not permitted.

Grant Compliance

When a supervisor becomes aware that a faculty member/staff member that is a Project Director on a grant will be leaving the University, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to notify the appropriate grant accountant. The grant accountant will then need to work with the Project Director and the granting agency on either a transfer to the new institution, change of Project Director, or termination of the grant. Sponsor guidelines must be reviewed to determine what changes may need to be made to active awards. Grants and contracts are awarded to Southeast Missouri State University, not directly to the Project Director.

Links to the Office of Management and Budget Circulars

Uniform Guidance

In an effort to streamline the administration of federal awards, the federal government has implemented the Uniform Guidance, effective December 26, 2014. This applies to all new awards and new funding for existing awards.

Pre-award Costs and Activities

The University allows pre-award costs and activities for grants as long as the granting agency contract stipulates that pre-award costs are reimbursable by the award.

The project director must follow the agency's timeline regarding pre-award costs and activities and those costs and activities must be included in the approved grant budget.

Any pre-award costs not reimbursed by the granting agency will be the responsibility of the project director.

Grant Closing

Discontinue use of the grant code (index #) after the ending date of the grant.


Grant expenditures not reimbursed by the granting agency must be cleared. The project director in consultation with his/her department and college must transfer funds into the grant or transfer non-reimbursed expenditures to another appropriate University Index.

Closing Grant Procedures
Grant Closing Checklist


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