Summer Reading Bootcamp

Summer Reading Bootcamps

The reading technique we learned as children was designed to help us comprehend highly structured materials in a predictable and controlled learning environment. As adults we must read large volumes of complex material in a rushed - and sometimes chaotic - work environment. For many adults this can cause a "why do I even bother" attitude that results in a mediocre reading effort - which leads to slower reading speeds, poor comprehension, and a weak critical analysis of the information they read. In fact, the Institute of Education Sciences estimates the "average" American typically reads at a 7th or 8th grade level. Would you like to know your own reading speed and comprehension? Would reading faster (and with better comprehension) help you improve work performance? We have just the program for you!

Training and Development is pleased to pilot a FREE 30-Day Reading Bootcamp program. This program includes one-on-one assessment, whole group and individualized instruction. This one-month program will meet twice in the classroom and the rest of the work can be done anywhere and at any time! Reading assignments will be customized to meet your interests and level of expertise. Make your summer reading fun and productive!!

Instructor: Sandra Newsome
Dates: July 20 and August 10
Times: 1pm -4pm


Economic and Business Engagement Center, 920 Broadway, Room 302
Continuing Education
One University Plaza, MS 0130
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701