All classes $100 plus Lab Fees.


The Horizons program is a fun way for youth to learn new ideas and skills not covered in the traditional classroom. Join Southeast Missouri State University this June and July for Horizons, where fun and learning truly coexist.

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*Class dates, times, and descriptions are subject to change.

Kids in the Kitchen- Lab Fee $29

Our mini chefs will get a crash course in nutrition and culinary skills by exploring the five food groups. Activities will include preparing kid-friendly snacks and entrees with healthy ingredients, all while learning the nutritional benefits of each recipe. Come and learn about food and nutrition from two Registered Dietitians! Course fees include the cost of food and apron.
With Charlotte Cervantes and Joel Ramidal, June 25-29 from 9am-12pm

Willy Wonka’s Wild Week - Lab Fee $19

Everybody is invited to Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory this summer! Join us as we partake of delicious adventures with a wild Willy Wonka theme . We’ll let our imaginations run wild as we create our own crazy hat, visit a real chocolate factory and even meet an oommpa loompa! This scrumdidilyumptious week will delight even the most finicky camper!
With Della Bollinger, July 9-13 from 9am-12pm

Ceramics: A world of Pure Imagination - Lab Fee $29

Experience basic ceramics and have a blast at the same time! Children will learn how to make simple pottery, coil pots, animals, and bowls. All student pottery will be glazed and fired and will be picked up 1-2 weeks after the end of the class. Your imagination is the only limitation with this class.
With Lisa Kuper, June 18-22 from 9am-12pm

Angry Birds - Lab Fee $19

It’s a popular game for kids, young and old, but did you know you were learning science when playing Angry Birds? From building structures to launching Angry Birds in an attempt to knock down the structure and the pigs, you will learn all about force and motion through hads-on experiments.
With Kay Hendrix, June 18-22 from 1pm-4pm

Superhero Extravaganza - Lab Fee $19

Superheros are fun and exciting! Come discover the history of each well-known superhero and have fun creating your own super. We will create a story, design a costume and work with other superheroes to triumph over bad guys.
With Sandra Newsome, July 9-13 from 1pm-4pm

Let's Run off to the Circus - Lab Fee $19

Tell mom or dad that you can join the circus for one week (or two!) right here in town! Grab your Golden Ticket and come explore a world of pure imagination: learn to juggle, swing on the trapeze, twirl on the hoop (not a hula hoop, but we have those too!), wrap up in a cocoon with the stretchy hammock stretchy, learn the trick to walking a tightrope using low balance beam, and maybe even climb a rope or fabric!
With Melinda Held, June 18-22 from 9am-12pm

Space Adventure - Lab Fee $19

Explore the rockets and shuttles used in space travel. Train to be a future astronaut. Investigate the planets both near and far. Soar through outer space discovering the stars that make up the night sky.
With the Discovery Playhouse, June 25-29 from 1pm-4pm

Camp dates, descriptions and pricing subject to change without notice.

*Class dates, times, and descriptions are subject to change.

The Greatest Show -Musical Theatre Camp- Lab Fee $19

Time to Come Alive! This creative camp will explore the performance opportunities of musical theatre while paving the way for lots of creativity. Never, Enough, Drama? Well, we will create props and costume pieces during our technical theatre time, in addition to daily units of: theatre skills, script analysis, choreography, music and creative play. Our camp culminates with a student performance where parents can come see what we’ve been working on! See you on The Other Side.
With the Discovery Playhouse, July 9-13 from 9am-12pm

Beginner Bots - Lab Fee $29

Calling all LEGO™ maniacs! Join us for the beginner’s class of Robots Rock! Students will use a LEGO™ Mindstorms kit to build and program 4 different contraptions, including a robo-kid and his robo-puppy, a conveyor belt and the claw. Students will build these robots using step-bystep instructions and pre-made programs.
Week 1 with Jeremy Griffin, June 18-22 from 9am-12pm
Week 2 with Jeremy Griffin and Md Rasheduzzaman, June 25-29 from 9am-12pm

Passport to the world - Lab Fee $29

This summer, Cultural Exchange Network (cenet) will take campers on a journey around the world without ever leaving Cape Girardeau! This one-week camp will focus on authentic, interactive activities and lessons presented by special guests from around the globe. Campers will experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of world cultures while learning, laughing, and making new friends. Space is limited so reserve a camp passport today!
In partnership with cenet, July 9-13 from 9am-12pm

Super Cool Med School - Lab Fee $29

Get ready for a whirlwind week of career exploration! Are you ready to practice healthcare skills such as measuring blood pressure and giving injections? Super Cool Med. School will explore medical science, diseases, medical professions and their work environments through a hands-on investigation! You will even have the opportunity to meet with various healthcare professionals and find out what makes healthcare an awesome career choice!
With Shannon McNew, June 18-22 from 9am-12pm

Advanced Robotics - Lab Fee $29

Want to take your LEGO™ skills to the next level? Join us for the advanced class of Robots Rock! Students will use a LEGO™ Mindstorms kit to build and program their own robot designs. We’ll throw the instruction book away and see who can design, build, and program the fastest, the strongest, or even the smartest robot!
With Jeremy Griffin, June 18-22 from 1pm-4pm

Start From Scratch Programming - Lab Fee $19

Do you have the itch to be a computer programmer? Scratch it with Scratch software. During this introduction to programming, you will write programs to animate characters, play games, and tell stories. Because Scratch is internet-based, campers can continue playing with the software at home! Register today; this one will fill quickly!
With Brad and Aaron Deken, June 18-22 from 1pm-4pm

Scratch Programming 2.0 - Lab Fee $19

Did our first camp fail to fully Scratch your programming itch? Join us for even more fun writing stories and playing and creating games with Scratch! This time, we’ll work on some of the more advanced features of the programming.
With Brad and Aaron Deken, July 9-13 from 9am-12pm

CSI-Southeast - Lab Fee $19

Are you obsessed with shows like CSI? Come learn the “tricks of the trade”: fingerprinting, blood testing, DNA extraction, evidence collection and more! You will even meet real CSI and investigate your very own “mock” crime scene. Campers leave as certified “Southeast CSI.”
With Jim McGill, July 9-13 from 1pm-4pm

Let's Run Off to the circus- Lab Fee $19

Tell mom or dad that you can join the circus for one week (or two!) right here in town! Grab your Golden Ticket and come explore a world of pure imagination: learn to juggle, swing on the trapeze, twirl on the hoop (not a hula hoop, but we have those too!), wrap up in a cocoon with the stretchy hammock stretchy, learn the trick to walking a tightrope using low balance beam, and maybe even climb a rope or fabric!
With Melinda Held, June 18-22 from 1pm-4pm

Weird Science - Lab Fee $19

These are experiments your parents won’t let you do at home! We’re going to build a real working hovercraft and watch it levitate above ground. A huge mess will be made when you make your own volcano out of paper mache and watch it erupt! Launch balloon rockets into the air. We’ll explode lunch bags, make the grossest slime around and learn how to bend water with electricity.
With Elizabeth Mooneyhan, June 18-22 from 1pm-4pm

Launch Your Line - Lab Fee $29

Become an entrepreneur and create your own fashion line for sale! Learn the ins and outs of fashion line development while honing specific fashion skills! Master the art of sewing, fabric selection, design inspiration, and more while producing your own fashion line! Then dive into the world of merchandising with Catapult: Creative House where you will work with your very own sales representative! Together you’ll explore merchandising your line. Then you’ll actually sell your creations during your very own market debut within the Catapult retail space! Sewing machines and supplies are provided, so come launch your line with Catapult: Creative House!
With Leah Powers, July 9-13 from 1pm-4pm

Grossology - Lab Fee $19

Have you ever wondered what grows between your toes? What makes that icky stuff in your nose? If so, join us in the grossest science class ever! Explore some of the most disgusting topics in science all while doing amazing hands-on experiments! Get ready to immerse yourself in the strange, creepy, and icky, and then enjoy repulsing your family and friends with your new disgusting knowledge.
With Cheryl Alberternst, July 9-13 from 9am-12pm

Be the Director- Lab Fee $89

Stories are a blast to tell! With this camp, students learn to write, act, cast roles, plan a filming site, direct and edit a short film. Learn hands-on skills from experienced writers and filmmakers!
With Sandra Newsome, June 25-29 from 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm *This camp is a full day camp

Kids Going Green- Lab Fee $19

Learn how to make awesome things out of recycled items and learn how to save the planet the same time! In addition to many FUN activities like games, planting, cooking you will learn to think like an environmental scientist and discover the ways kids can save the planet. Campers get ready and prepare your old clothes, empty plastic bottles and old magazines as we are gonna RECYCLE, REUSE AND REDUCE!!!
With Kim Necas, June 25 -29 from 1pm-4 pm

Ceramics: A world of Pure Imagination - Lab Fee $29

We will be learning how to use the pottery wheel to create pottery such as bowls, cups, and small vases. Elements of hand building with clay will be introduced as well to create unique pottery vessels. Projects will be fired and glazed in class but will need to be picked up by parents at a later date TBD.
With Lisa Kuper, June 18-22 from 1pm-4pm

Science Spoilers - Lab Fee $29

Is there any truth to the five-second rule? What happens when you swallow gum? Can pop rocks and cola really make your stomach explode? How many helium balloons would it take to lift a house? On a hot day, can you fry an egg on the sidewalk? Join our myth busters team in the lab as we see what science has to say about some of these mind-bending myths. Who knows – under the right circumstances, they could even be true!
With Elizabeth Mooneyhan, July 9-13 from 1pm-4pm

Junior Veterinarian - Lab Fee $29

Do some of your best friends have four-legs? If you have a love for animals, then join us as we become Junior Veterinarians for the week. You’ll learn the basics from a local veterinarian. From animal behavior and anatomy, to diagnosis and treatment, you’ll discover the many sources of information veterinarians rely on everyday to save our furry friends. You’ll even spend time in the lab identifying parasites that harm animals and have your “patients” visit you in the classroom! For students with allergies, please note that students will interact with animals throughout the week.
With Skyview Animal Clinic, June 25-29 from 9am-12pm

Camp dates, descriptions and pricing subject to change without notice.

Course Fees

Fees are listed with individual courses. Course fees include a Horizons t-shirt, field trips, and instructional materials.


Unless otherwise noted, all courses will be held on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University and the surrounding areas. Building and room assignments, along with a campus map, will be sent with confirmation of your registration.


Horizons is offered in three one-week sessions:

  • Week I - June 18-22
  • Week II - June 25 - 29
  • Week III - July 9 - July 13


  • Morning Session - 9 a.m. - Noon
  • Afternoon Session - 1 - 4 p.m.
  • All Day Session - 9 a.m. - noon and 1 - 4 p.m.

*Please note special times for some classes and field trips.


Horizons is designed for youth ages 9-14. This year, we are also offering courses for children ages 5-8. These courses appear in the “Little Horizons” section. Some courses have special age requirements as noted in the class descriptions.

Class Size

Unless otherwise noted, classes are restricted to 18 participants to ensure a quality experience and ample individual attention.


All instructors are professionally trained and have practical teaching experience in their areas of instruction; most are Southeast professors. Individual classes that incorporate laboratory experiments (e.g., the Crime Scene Investigation) or that are physically active (e.g., Wilderness Survival) will have an assistant to provide additional guidance.


Each course enrollment includes a Horizons t-shirt. If you are enrolled in more than one course, you will receive multiple shirts.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Participation from all persons is welcome. Southeast Missouri State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or status as a veteran.

Accessibility Notification

Any person with a disability, who needs accommodations, should notify the Office of Extended & Continuing Education at the time of registration.

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Information for Teachers

Thanks to the support of departments and faculty at Southeast the 2017 HORIZONS Summer Youth Enrichment Program was extremely successful, providing over 300 students with unique summer learning opportunities.

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