Backyard Chicken 101

Summary of Workshop:
The Chicken Information Workshop will include a presentation made to a maximum of 30 individuals explaning the best examples for creating a place to house and case for up to six laying hens. Tools, materials, designs, what to feed, how to care for them in summer and winter as well as different kinds of breeds will be explained.

Who Should Attend:Young adults age 10 and up will be allowed with an adult present. Other adults such as families may have two attending. A note pad and a pencil will be helpful as each session will be in lecture form. At the end of the one hour topic, 15 minutes will be devoted to Q&A discussion. Sessions start at the hour indicated and run two hours total after.

Who is Presenting: Edwin Smith will be the presenter. Presentation materials include visual information, feed and water containers, examples of coop building materials, as well as suggestions for having up to six laying hens in your backyard, meeting the city ordinance requirements (Cape Girardeau city ordinance).

Edwin has raised chickens on a farm he owns north of Cape Girardeau since he was eight years old and continues to raise a variety of poultry today. He has also served as the Supervisor of Poultry at the SEMO District Fair for eight years and is a member of various poultry organizations including the Missouri State Poultry Association in the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO.

When is the Workshop: March 6th and 20th from 7-9pm at Catapult Creative House.

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Economic and Business Engagement Center, 920 Broadway, Room 302
Continuing Education
One University Plaza, MS 0130
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701