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A Streetcar Named Desire


A Streetcar Named Desire, the classic play by Tennessee Williams, tells the feverish story of the pathetic mental and emotional demise of a determined, yet fragile, repressed and delicate Southern lady born to a once-wealthy family of Mississippi planters. Her impoverished, tragic downfall is showcased in the squalid, cramped and tawdry French Quarter one-bedroom apartment of her married sister and animalistic brother-in-law.  Truly one of America’s most famous plays.


Cast and crew

Whitney Lamora as Stella and Elisa Curtis as Blanche

Steven Fister as Stanley and Whitney Lamora as Stella

Elisa Curtis as Blanche and Jennifer Pennington as the Nurse
Elisa Curtis and Steven Fister


Sara Steffens
River Campus Seminary 458
Conservatory of Theatre and Dance
One University Plaza, MS 7850
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701