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Procedures and Guidelines for Student-Produced Events

This Document is meant to promote a safe and efficient means to facilitate productions without direct faculty involvement. The guidelines below are to be strictly adhered to by all Students involved in Class assignments, Independent projects and University Players productions utilizing River Campus Facilities.

Standing Policies

  1. All performance and production positions must follow the procedures as laid out in the Department of Theatre and Dance Performance and Production Guidelines.
  2. Scheduling of all events and occupation of facilities needs the approval of the Departmental Production Manager in accordance with the Departmental Production Calendar.
  3. No equipment dedicated to the performance spaces may be used without direct permission from the Departmental Production Manager. This includes but is not limited to Clear-Com Headsets, Risers and Chairs.
  4. No departmentally-owned equipment or materials may be used without direct permission from the Faculty Supervisor overseeing each area of production.
  5. There is NO SMOKING in any facilities on Campus. If smoking is required within a production, herbal substitutes, approved by the Departmental Production Manager, must be used.
  6. Any items brought into any space must be removed immediately upon the completion of the project.
  7. Any and all items brought into a space may not interfere with any other event; therefore, arrangements need to be made for storage of any items when not in use. Departmentally-occupied spaces are not for storage. This includes but is not limited to the performance space, shops, green room and control booths.

Specifics for the Rust Flexible Theatre

  1. Seating arrangements may include only the permanent roll-out risers and floor placement of seats. No additional temporary seating risers may be used.
  2. The center pit area and platforms may not be rearranged for performance purposes.
  3. No food is allowed in the space unless required as properties within the production, and no drinks are allowed in the space without a lid.
  4. Everyone involved with each event is responsible for the cleanliness and removal of trash within the space.
  5. Never block any of the 5 entrances into the space in any way.
  6. The Green Room is to be kept neat, clean and functional at all times. This is not a storeroom.
  7. The theatre space and supporting areas used must be returned to their original configuration and condition upon completion of each project.
  8. Remember this space is used for performance, classes, presentations, projects and many other activities. Be considerate of others' needs and seek advice and/or approval before altering anything within the space.

Specifics for Scenic Elements

  1. Department-owned equipment and materials are not to be used for student-produced events; this includes but is not limited to all tools contained within the scene shop, stock scenery, drapery, furniture, properties and paint without direct permission of the Faculty Technical Director or Scene Shop Supervisor.
  2. The scene shop is not to be occupied without Supervision or during regularly scheduled shop hours.
  3. Department productions take priority in the scene shop as well as performance spaces when dealing with space and time.
  4. The scene shop shall remain locked at all times.

Specifics for Costume Elements

  1. No Departmental costumes shall be used.
  2. Permission must be obtained before using any Dressing Rooms from the Faculty Costume Shop Supervisor.
  3. The costume shop is off limits at all times.

Specifics for Lighting and Sound

  1. A repertory light plot will be provided. There are to be no extensive changes to this plot without direct permission of the Faculty Lighting Supervisor.
  2. No specialty lighting or accessories may be used without direct permission from the Faculty Lighting Supervisor.
  3. The sound system is not to be altered in any way without direct permission of the Faculty Sound Supervisor.


You are guests using the facilities at the River Campus and you need to treat the spaces and equipment with pride and respect; nothing is to be assumed. As a department we want you, the students, to be successful in your endeavors and these guidelines are intended to promote safety, efficiency and pride in all that you do. As faculty we are here to support and guide; if at any time you are unsure, do not assume, but seek out guidance.


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