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"A professional quality department promotes professional quality work."


  • Résumé. All dancers must bring a résumé to every Southeast audition. See advisor for format.
  • Headshot. All Southeast dancers must invest in a professional headshot and body shots. This is not required for Southeast auditions but strongly suggested. All dancers must have multiple reproductions of headshots and résumés before participating in any outside professional auditions.
  • Dress. You are a professional in pursuit of a job, and your dress should reflect your professionalism. Appropriate dress for any dance audition includes a leotard or form-fitting top with tights or jazz pants. No jewelry! Bring all necessary dance shoes, including but not limited to ballet shoes, jazz shoes, pointe shoes, tap shoes, character shoes, etc.
  • Notes and Scheduling. Dancers are required to bring a pen or pencil and calendars and/or notebooks to all auditions and rehearsals, and have them out and ready to use upon arrival.

*At Southeast Missouri State University, every audition is a professional audition!*

Rehearsals and Productions

  • Hair. Once cast, no dancer will cut hair or beard or change color or style of hair until approved by the costume designer and the choreographer.
  • Physical Fitness. All dancers must keep a professional level of physical fitness, via healthy eating, sleeping, exercise, and recovery time, in order to rehearse and perform to the best of their ability and to remain injury free.
  • Call. Dancers are on-call for the duration of the rehearsal and production period. Check your emails every day. When in doubt about the schedule, ask. All absences from rehearsals are unexcused. Two absences from weekly rehearsals will result in removal from the piece. Likewise, any missed technical or dress rehearsals will result in immediate removal from the piece and the concert. When performers initial their name on the posted cast list, this indicates a commitment to that choreographer for the duration of the rehearsal and performance process. Dancers should not withdraw from the work after making this initial commitment unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Arrival. Rehearsals start at the called time; therefore, you must arrive 15 minutes before call for personal warm-ups, prop/costume arrangements, etc. Tardiness: Any student arriving after rehearsals have begun is considered late and may be placed on probation by the choreographer.
  • Emergency Contact. If you are involved in an unforeseen emergency, contact the Choreographer or Stage Manager directly. No “through-the-dancer” messages accepted.
  • Injury/Illness. If a student is injured/ill and unable to participate in the rehearsal process, he/she must watch and take notes unless the student is contagious; in which case, they must inform the choreographer prior to the rehearsal and stay home. If an extended injury or illness incapacitates the student, the role or piece the student has been cast in may be taken over by an understudy or the part may be deleted from the choreography altogether. This decision is made by both the dancer and the choreographer.
  • Grades. Poor grades and/or class attendance may affect students’ continuance in the work they have been cast in that semester. Students should strongly consider both of these important academic elements prior to acceptance of concert casting.
  • Memorization. Dancers are responsible for the material given at each rehearsal. It is expected that each dancer will keep a rehearsal notebook to record choreography and any given changes and/or corrections to the material, and work outside the rehearsal process times if asked by the choreographer or as necessary depending on the dancers’ needs.
  • Dress. Appropriate shoes and rehearsal clothing required. Rehearsal attire is subject to the choreographer’s requests and the various and changing needs of the rehearsal process. The basic attire should consist of conforming garments designed for physical movement.
  • Food. No smoking, eating, or drinking anything but water while in costume or in the theatre/studio unless as a required prop.
  • Guests. No guests may attend rehearsals without prior approval of the Choreographer. Lounging, noises of any sort, and eating or drinking are not welcome in the studio/theatre before, during, or after rehearsal or performance.
  • Strike. All Dancers must participate in the full strike.

I have read and understand the dancer protocols. I realize that if I am cast in any dance production, it is my responsibility to comply with all the information mentioned and discussed within this document. I understand that this is my contract for the production and by signing below; I am agreeing to fully cooperate in all aspects of rehearsals and performances outlined in the protocols.

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