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Dance Concert Participation Policy

(Updated & Approved; 21 Oct 2011)

  1. Students may participate in no more than three (3) total pieces each semester as a performer and one (1) piece as a choreographer. This includes faculty choreography, guest artist choreography, student choreography, AND “Last Chance to Dance” choreography and/or performance.
  2. Only work being presented in that semester’s concert will be in rehearsal (except, perhaps, Faculty/Guest Artist works).
  3. Dancer auditions for Fall semester faculty choreographers will be held the first weekend of the Fall semester. Dancer auditions for Spring semester faculty choreographers will be held within one week of the Spring Musical auditions (usually November).
  4. Student grades and/or class attendance may be taken into consideration during the casting of faculty and guest artist work. Poor grades and/or class attendance may also affect a students’ continuance in the work they have been cast in that semester. Students should strongly consider both of these important academic elements prior to acceptance of concert casting.
  5. Dancer auditions for the student choreographers will be held the second week of classes of each semester. Students must attend and participate in the audition in order to be cast in a piece. If student choreographers are not present for the audition, they forfeit the privilege to cast dancers at that time. To cast dancers, those choreographers must select students based on who remains available AFTER student choreographer casting has been decided and AFTER their return to campus by contacting the Artistic Coordinator with their selections.
  6. When performers initial their name on the posted cast list, this indicates a commitment to that choreographer for the duration of the rehearsal and performance process. Dancers should not withdraw from the work after making this initial commitment unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  7. The student choreography audition for each concert will be held during the fifth or sixth weekend of the semester. This audition will determine whether the student work will be included in that semester’s dance concert.
  8. All student performers MUST be enrolled (no audits) in at least one two-credit dance technique class in order to participate in that semester’s Main Stage Dance Concert. This is an issue of safety, maintenance of performance technique and artistry, and to help ensure the highest quality concert.


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