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The dance program values diversity and versatility of dance training and places equal emphasis on the techniques of ballet, modern and jazz dance. The system of dance training for all three techniques is delivered in a three-level progression; Level I (Beginning), Level II (Intermediate) and Level III (Advanced/Professional). Level I is intended for freshman, Level II is intended for sophomores/juniors and Level III is intended for junior/senior level students. Upon entrance into the program, all students are assigned an appropriate placement, or technique level, in ballet, modern and jazz dance techniques. Students advance in level by meeting established and documented standards during the course of their training and through faculty placement during the Dance Technique Proficiency Class held each semester.

To offer our students a range of technical experiences and give them the ability to explore and experience their dance technique in different ways, the program offers a variety of additional course work including classical and contemporary partnering, advanced improvisation, pointe, tap, aerial dance and world dance forms.


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