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For entrance into the BFA Dance program, students MUST score at the Intermediate level in AT LEAST 4 of the 24 elements from AT LEAST 3 or more of the 5 categories listed below.

For continuance in the BFA Dance program, students MUST:

  1. Demonstrably improve in AT LEAST 4 elements every year while maintaining proficiency (or improvement) in the other elements
  2. Achieve an Advanced level in AT LEAST 10 out of the 22 elements from the first three categories below as determined at the senior year fall semester Dance Proficiency Class
  3. Achieve an Advanced level in BOTH the Appearance and Conditioning categories

NOTE: All of the above requirements are contingent upon faculty consensus of individual artistic capabilities and potential.


  • Alignment/Vertical Lengthening
  • Port de Bras sensitivity and presentation
  • Torso/Abdominals (flexibility, range, strength)
  • Pliés (resistance and power)
  • Air (jumps, push, articulated use of feet and legs)
  • Proper Use of Parallel/Turnout positions
  • Range and Appropriate Use of Flexibility
  • Physical Stamina/Strength
  • Knowledge and Demonstrated Comprehension of Vocabulary


  • Use of Space (clarity of levels, floor work, traveling, patterns)
  • Appropriate Use of Momentum/Suspension
  • Demonstrable Use of Specific Kinds of Musicality/Rhythms
  • Proper Use of a Variety of Movement Dynamics and Qualities
  • Movement Clarity/Control
  • Projection/Expressiveness/Focus


  • Concentration (analysis, rate of learning phrases)
  • Comprehension (putting it together, making connections)
  • Completion (finishes, correcting mistakes)
  • Risk (exploration, interpretation, expression)
  • Commitment/Motivation/Work Habits/Professionalism
  • Sustained Progress
  • Coachability


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