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To be eligible for Program Admission and Scholarship consideration, you must first register with Southeast's AcademicWorks. If you are not already registered with AcademicWorks, click here to register.

Academic, Leadership, and Other Merit-Based University Scholarships

Southeast has many academic, leadership, and other merit-based university scholarships and financial aid opportunities for prospective and current students. These scholarships, ranging from $500 to full rides, are considered and applied automatically when you are accepted into the university. For more information on university scholarships and financial aid, visit

Theatre & Dance Performance and Working Scholarships

The Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre & Dance has many Performance Scholarships and Working Scholarships, which range from $500 - $4,000 annually.

To apply for all the scholarships listed below, students must:

  • Major in Theatre or Dance
  • Register for AcademicWorks by clicking on this link:
  • Fill out the “Program Admission/Scholarship Application” form by clicking on this link: and participating in one of the approved auditions.
  • Note: By registering for AcademicWorks, submitting the “Program Admission/Scholarship Application” form, and participating one of the auditions, students will be considered for all the Performance Scholarships listed below.
  • Note: All scholarships, whether academic/university or Dobbins Conservatory performance scholarships, may be “stacked” to maximize the amount of award given to qualified students.

Working Scholarships include:

Dobbins Conservatory Workship Scholarships ($1,000-$4,000 annually) are awarded to qualified students working in the costume shop, scene shop, or box office. Students must reapply for these scholarships each semester. Complete a “Program Admission/Scholarship Application” to apply for a Workship Scholarship at:

Performance Scholarships include:

School of Visual & Performing Arts Scholarships ($500-$2,500 annually) is automatically renewable up to 4 years and is awarded to qualified incoming freshmen and transfers who participate one of the approved “Program Admission/Scholarship Auditions.”

Dobbins Conservatory Endowed Scholarships ($500-$1,500 annually) are awarded to qualified students in all areas of theatre and dance. Scholarships are renewable but not guaranteed. Students must participate in one of the scholarship auditions each year to be considered for renewal. Endowed Scholarships include:

  • Ann Wagganer Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Bill Holland Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Brothers Leslie V. and Stefan D. Prater Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • B.W. and Hazel Harrison River Campus Scholarship
  • Campbell Glenn and Lee Ann Family Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • Cape Evening Optimist Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Colonel Donald Burggrabe Endowed Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Dennis C. Seyer Technical Theatre Scholarship
  • Dobbins Quasi Endowed Scholarship
  • Dobbins Tribute Scholarship
  • The Donald L. Dickerson Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Edith Dobbins Kanipes Endowed Scholarship
  • Kenneth W. and Jeanine Larson Dobbins Endowed Scholarship
  • Lincoln and Brady Dobbins Endowed Scholarship
  • Don McNeely Acting Scholarship
  • Douglas and Heather Green Theatre & Dance Senior Showcase Annuity Scholarship
  • Dr. Larry Grisvard Acting Scholarship
  • Dr. Raymond and Ann Ritter Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Dr. Walter and Cornelia Schnur Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Earl and Margie Holland School of Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Frank and Sandy Wersching Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Frank Loesser Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • Gary L. Miller Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • Heather Green Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Jack D. Cook Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Jack and Leita Hensley Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • James V. Parker Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Jim and Antoinette Biundo Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Judith Farris Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • LaRue Campbell Harryette Campbell Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Ludeane Fowler Ruzicka Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Marjorie H. Thompson Acting Scholarship
  • Mike and Mimi Higgins Endowed Technical Theatre Scholarship
  • Neil E. Boyd Endowed Scholarship for the Performing Arts
  • Robert A. Burns Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Ruth Radmore Hendrick Endowed Scholarship for Visual & Performing Arts
  • Sarah Glenn Theatre & Dance Scholarship
  • Scott and Jeanette Wachter Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • Sheryl Crow School of Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Southeast Dance Artists Endowed Scholarship
  • Sue Harbinson McNeely Dance Scholarship
  • Veda Harnes Theatre & Dance Scholarship


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