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Course No. Title Even Fall Odd Spring Odd Fall Even Spring
DA100 Dance Appreciation as needed as needed as needed as needed
DA105 Rehearsal & Prod I        
DA112 Ballet for Musical Theatre I        
DA118 Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre I        
DA122 Ballet for Musical Theatre II        
DA127 Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre II        
DA131 Introduction to Aerial Arts        
DA211 Ballet I
DA216 Pointe I
DA221 Modern Dance I
DA226 Jazz Dance I
DA231 Aerial Arts I As Needed As Needed
DA236 Tap Dance I as needed as needed as needed as needed
DA245 Creating and Managing a Career in the Arts    
DA280 Movement Analysis      
DA282 Movement Improvisation    
DA290 Dance in World Cultures      
DA305 Rehearsal & Prod II
DA310 Dance Musicianship      
DA311 Ballet II
DA316 Pointe II    
DA321 Modern Dance II
DA326 Jazz Dance II
DA336 Tap Dance II as needed as needed as needed as needed
DA380 Choreography I    
DA391 Topics in Dance    
DA396 Movement Analysis II      
DA411 Ballet III
DA421 Modern Dance III
DA426 Jazz Dance III
DA430 Principle of Teaching Dance      
DA436 Tap Dance III as needed as needed as needed as needed
DA461 Independent Study
DA462 Independent Study
DA463 Independent Study
DA485 Choreography II    
DA490 Dance History      
DA497 Choreography III      
DA498 BFA Project in Dance
DA499 Internship Dance
TH100 Theatre Appreciation as needed as needed as needed as needed
TH101 Acting Non-Majors as needed as needed as needed as needed
TH105 Rehearsal & Prod I
TH107 Theory Analysis for Musical Theatre    
TH122 Class Voice I    
TH123 Class Voice II    
TH155 Makeup
TH181 Script Analysis    
TH201 Private Voice I
TH218 Acting I
TH219 Auditioning I    
TH221 Auditioning II    
TH223 Movement for Actor I      
TH231 Stagecraft I
TH245 Career in the Arts    
TH251 Costume Construction
TH265 Drawing for Theatre I    
TH267 Drawing for Theatre II    
TH275 Stage Management
TH291 Theatre Properties & Crafts I      
TH301 Private Voice for Musical Theatre II
TH305 Rehearsal & Prod II
TH307 Musical Theatre Score Study    
TH316 Acting II
TH317 Voice for Actor I      
TH318 Musical Theatre Perf I    
TH319 Acting Film TV    
TH321 Stage Combat I    
TH323 Movement for Actor II      
TH331 Stagecraft II
TH350 Stage Lighting I      
TH351 Costume Design I      
TH361 Scene Painting      
TH371 Scene Design I      
TH375 Performing Arts Management    
TH385 Directing I  
TH386 Sound Design I      
TH393 Properties & Crafts II      
TH395 Periods & Styles      
TH401 Private Voice III
TH416 Acting Styles    
TH418 Musical Theatre Performance II    
TH419 Acting for Film and Television II    
TH429 Accents & Dialects      
TH431 Stage Combat II      
TH450 Stage Lighting II      
TH451 Costume Design II      
TH461 Independent Study
TH462 Independent Study
TH463 Independent Study
TH471 Scene Design II      
TH481 Scene Painting II      
TH485 Directing II      
TH486 Sound Design II      
TH488 Senior Portfolio    
TH490 Theatre History I    
TH495 Theatre History II    
TH497 Summer Workshop (Summer only)        
TH498 BFA Project in Theatre
TH499 Internship Theatre
UI384 History of the Musical    


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