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A long-time faculty member of the Conservatory of Physical Education of Southeast Missouri State University, Billie O’Neal is a native of Texas and received her training in dance from Texas State College for Women (Texas Woman's University) in Denton.

Miss O’Neal began teaching at Southeast in the fall of l948, where she taught various forms of dance, including modern, ballroom, folk, tap and recreational. During her career, she also served as faculty sponsor of Terpsichore, a student-based dance troupe, and it was through her constant supervision that the organization grew and nourished hundreds of young dancers, many of whom had not been a part of  creative dance until that time. She forged a bond with Southern Illinois University and together they welcomed many of the most outstanding dancers in the country to this area, including Ted Shawn and Martha Graham.

Miss O’Neal retired in 1986.


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