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BFA - Design/Theatre Technology Major

Upon graduation, the BFA in Design/Technology is expected to have acquired the skills necessary for: (a) entry into a graduate program of design and technical production, (b) entry level requirements for work in the commercial theatre, or (c) meeting the requirements for involvement in related fields such as film and television production (e.g., costuming, makeup, set decoration, properties, painting, construction, and so on). To meet these goals, a program of study is divided into distinct but closely related areas, each directed toward the ever-increasing involvement of the designer and technician in the producing, conceptualizing, and staging of the theatrical piece. The successful completion of a core program of classes, along with more concentrated production assignments geared toward specialization in costume, lighting, scenic, sound design and technical production is expected.

Seniors in the BFA in Design/Tech program present their final portfolios as part of the Senior Showcase, with the possibility of qualifying for department funding to participate in the University/Resident Theatre Association (U/RTA) National Unified Auditions and Interviews.

The learning outcomes of the BFA in Design/Technology are as follows:

  • The student will acquire a knowledge and appreciation of costume design and construction, lighting design and technology, sound design and technology, and scene design and stagecraft.
  • The student will be afforded the opportunity for research and artistic creation in the design and technology aspects of theatre in production settings.
  • The student will develop basic design skills in, rendering, drawing, painting, and research.
  • The Student will develop technical skills in technical theatre such as, carpentry, scene painting, electrics and costuming.
  • The student will acquire knowledge of federal and local health and safety codes and practices.

68-75 Hour Major - no minor required

  • All students wishing to advance in the program must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the BFA program.
  • All students must maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher within the BFA program.
  • All students wishing to advance in level will be required to successfully complete an annual review as arranged by department faculty.

Total credits required for graduation:.....120
General Education:Total credits...............48
Major requirements: Total credits......68-75

Department Core Requirements:

TH/DA 105 Rehearsal and Production I (1 credit x 2 semesters) 2
TH 155 Makeup 3
TH/DA 305 Rehearsal and Production II (1 credit x 6 semesters) 6
TH/DA 498 BFA Project 2
TH/DA 499 Internship 4
TH 218 or
TH 101
Acting I or
Acting for the Non-Major
(Optional only for Dance and Design-Tech emphasis)
TH 231 or
MM 101
Stagecraft I or
Theories of Music in Culture
TH 251 or
MM/TH 107
Costume Construction or
Theory Skills and Analysis for Musical Theatre

DA 280 or
TH 285

Movement Analysis or
Script Analysis

DA 330 or
TH 385 or
MU/TH 307
Choreography I or
Directing I or
Musical Theatre Score Study
TH 490 or
DA 490
Theatre History I or
Dance History
  TOTAL: 35


TH 265 Drawing for the Theatre 3
TH 350 Stage Lighting I 3
TH 351 Costume Design I 3
TH 361 Scene Painting 3
TH 371 Scenic Design I 3
TH 375 Theatre Management 3
TH 386 Sound Design 3
TH 395 Period & Style 3
TH 495 Theatre History II 3

Select 6 Credits from:

TH 331 Stagecraft II 3
TH 450 Stage Lighting II 3
TH 451 Costume Design II 3
TH 471 Scenic Design II 3
  Total: 33

Open Electives for Design/Tech Option.................4
(preferably in art, art history, clothing & textiles, computer science, or engineering)

OPTION TOTAL........................................33-37


Sara Steffens
River Campus Seminary 458
Conservatory of Theatre and Dance
One University Plaza, MS 7850
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701