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BFA - Acting Major

The BFA in Acting is a professional training program designed to offer those students interested in non-musical acting the opportunity to learn and hone that art form. Acting majors participate in three and one-half year-long acting sequence (2 semesters of Acting I, 2 semesters of Acting II, and 3 semesters of Acting III), as well as Auditioning, Acting for Film and Television, Directing, Stage Combat, Voice for Actors, Movement Improvisation, and Senior Portfolio. Acting majors also have the option to take classes in musical theatre, dance, and design/technology.

Seniors in the BFA Acting program participate in the Senior Showcase, with the possibility of qualifying for the Southeast New York Showcase. The campus showcase is designed to showcase their talent and serves as a capstone project for the degree, while the NY Showcase presents graduating seniors to the industries’ top casting directors, agents, directors, and other professionals.

The learning outcomes for the BFA in Acting are as follows:

  • Demonstrated ability to act; projecting one’s self believably in word and action into imaginary circumstances using a developed acting technique.
  • Demonstrated ability to project the voice and body effectively as an instrument of creative characterization using developed voice and movement techniques.
  • Demonstrated ability to create characters convincingly from various dramatic genres and styles.

68-75 Hour Major - no minor required

  • All students wishing to advance in the program must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the BFA program.
  • All students must maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher within the BFA program.
  • All students wishing to advance in level will be required to successfully complete an annual review as arranged by department faculty.
Total credits required for graduation: 120-123
General Education:Total credits 48
Major requirements: Total credits 68-75

Department Core Requirements:

TH/DA 105 Rehearsal & Production I (1 credit x 2 semesters) 2
TH 155 Makeup 3
TH/DA 305 Rehearsal & Production II (1 credit x 6 semesters) 6
TH/DA 498 BFA Project 2
TH/DA 499 Internship 4
TH 218 or
TH 101
Acting I or
Acting for the Non-Major
(Optional only for Dance & Design-Tech emphasis)
TH 231 or
MM 101
Stagecraft I or
Theories of Music in Culture
TH 251 or
MM/TH 107
Costume Construction or
Theory Skills and Analysis for Musical Theatre
DA 280 or
TH 285
Movement Analysis or
Script Analysis
DA 330 or
TH 385 or
MU/TH 307
Choreography I or
Directing I or
Musical Theatre Score Study
TH 490 or
DA 490
Theatre History I or
Dance History
  TOTAL: 35


TH 219 Auditioning 1
TH 316 Acting II 3
TH 317 Voice for the Stage 3
TH 319 Acting for Film & Television 3
TH 321 Stage Combat I 3
TH 416 Acting III 3
TH 431 Stage Combat II 3
TH 485 Directing II 3
TH 495 Theatre History II 3
  TOTAL: 25

Select 9 Credits (3 of which must come from 300-400 upper level courses) from:

DA 186 Beginning Jazz Dance 1
DA 130 Ballroom Dance 1
DA 146 Swing Dance 1
DA 211 Ballet I 2
DA 221 Modern Dance I 2
DA 226 Jazz Dance I 2
DA 236 Tap Dance I 2
DA 311 Ballet II 2
DA 321 Modern Dance II 2
DA 326 Jazz Dance II 2
DA 336 Tap Dance II 2
DA 411 Ballet III 2
DA 421 Modern Dance III 2
DA 426 Jazz Dance III 2
DA 436 Tap Dance III 2
DA 471 Ballet IV 2
DA 486 Jazz Dance IV 2
DA 481 Modern Dance IV 2
DA 496 Tap Dance IV 2
MP 101/TH 102 Voice Lessons 1
MP 301/TH 302 Voice Lessons 1
MP 401/TH 402 Voice Lessons 1
MU 220 Class Voice 2
MU/TH 318 Musical Theatre Performance I 3
TH 375 Theatre Management 3
MU/TH 418 Musical Theatre Performance II 3
  TOTAL: 9

Open Electives for Acting Option
(preferably in music, physical education, English, or history)........................3



Sara Steffens
River Campus Seminary 458
Conservatory of Theatre and Dance
One University Plaza, MS 7850
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701