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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment /Registration Questions

The following steps are mandatory:

  1. Review your DegreeWorks (see below).
  2. Complete the advising form related to your specialization (i.e. Advanced Computer Science or Cybersecurity).
  3. Submit your advising form to your advisor for review and approval.
  4. On-campus student - bring your form to the mandatory advising session.
  5. Online campus student - send a signed scanned copy of your form.
  6. Administrative assistant completes prerequisite overrides for approved courses.
  7. Register for your courses on portal when registration opens (see below).

DegreeWorks is an online tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. In order to complete the advising form, you will want to review your DegreeWorks to find out what courses you need to take. For how to access your DegreeWorks go to For more details, you may visit

Portal is an online tool containing all the information about Student Self Service. After course registration approval from your advisor, you will be registering in the courses on the Portal at If you need assistance, please watch the tutorial found at Please confirm your schedule by viewing it on the Portal after you have completed your registration.

International students on a student visa please keep the following in mind:

  • You must take 9 credit hours to maintain your visa status until and unless this is your last semester.
  • You are allowed only ONE online course per semester.

The online courses have Sec "740". The face-to-face class has Sec "01". For example, CY501-01 Basics of Cybersecurity is face-to-face and CY501-740 Basics of Cybersecurity is online. Note: Blended courses will also use “01” as a section number.

No, if this is your first semester in Southeast, we do not support 12 credit hour course load unless there is special circumstance. This is done on a student-by-student basis and you will need special approval from your Graduate Advisor. We want you to do well in the courses and succeed in the program. So, please pace yourself and demonstrate successful progress.

You will need to enroll on the waitlist for that course. Then you need to discuss your course schedule options with your academic advisor.

The student can withdraw the course as per the dates provided by the university in academic calendar with a full or partial refund. To withdraw from a course, the student needs to go to Banner >> Student SS >> Drop classes and follow the next steps.

Depends on courses offered by the department. The student cohort will receive an email regarding the announcement.

Program Questions

Half of the program must be completed at the 600 level. MS Applied Computer Science and MS Cybersecurity are 30 hour programs. You will need to complete 15 hours at the 600 level.

Advising Questions

We will do it on a case-by-case basis for online campus students. Please send an email with your requested courses on the advising form to your academic advisor. You can work through it either over email or phone (if necessary). Once your course schedule is finalized, please send a scanned copy of advising form with your signature (preferably in blue ink) to your academic advisor and department administrative assistant (see steps above). We need to maintain a record of these documents.

Take core courses first. You need to complete all core courses during 3-4 semesters at Southeast.

Prior approval from an academic advisor is required before requesting enrollment assistance or schedule changes to the Administrative assistant.

Please reach out to your advisor over email or show up during the office hours. To receive quick responses when you send an email to the academic advisor or administrative assistant, always specify your Student ID and copy of your DegreeWorks so lookup becomes faster. Please allow 24 hours for a response to your email.

Degree Prerequisites

Please note that the department recommends students with non-computer science background to pursue prerequisites as it helps them to understand difficult concepts of programming and computing, thus helping them be successful in the program.

CS500 Fundamentals of Programming and CS503 Fundamentals of Computing.

CS500 and CS503 do not count towards your degree. Make sure you clear them before you are allowed any regular (core/optional) course in the subsequent semesters.

A student can take the prerequisite exams in order to get the prerequisites waived. Please note that the waiver to the prerequisites is at the discretion of academic advisor. Note: Based on your grades and/or work experience in above courses, prerequisites are recommended for the student.


The university’s GPA graduation requirement is 3.0. If the student has below a 3.0, they will not be able to graduate.

Yes, you will need special approval from the international office. (

In their last semester, students will need to enroll in at least one credit hour of a face to face class in order to stay in the U.S (this can be an elective). If students do not do this, he/she will need to leave the U.S. and complete his/her degree online. With the 1 credit hour of face-to-face course work, he/she can apply for a final semester reduced course load from the International Education and Services office. Note: It is your responsibility to check the university recommended dates for graduation

Thesis Students

A student will need to find a faculty member that will serve as his/her thesis advisor. Then a Registration Approval card will need to be completed with the student and faculty member’s signature. This card then is submitted to the CS department office. Once a seat in thesis has been opened, the student will need to enroll. Thesis option requires students to take Thesis Research I and Thesis Research II. These are taken fall-spring or spring-fall. Summer thesis course work is not an option. During the first 8 week of Thesis Research I, the Topic Approval form must be completed. This form is found on the Graduate Studies webpage or by asking Administrative assistant to email it to you. The thesis advisor and second reader sign it. The second reader is a faculty member in the CS department. The CS chairperson does NOT sign it until after the third reader has signed it. The third reader is assigned by Graduate Studies. Administrative assistant keeps a copy of the Topic Approval form in the office before forwarding it to Graduate Studies. Once the third reader has been assigned, the student and thesis advisor will be notified via email. After the third reader has signed the Topic Approval form, then the CS Chair will sign it. Administrative assistant will keep a copy in the department office before forwarding the form to Graduate Studies. During Thesis Research I and Thesis Research II, the student will work closely with his/her thesis advisor, as well as the committee. During Thesis Research II, the thesis will be defended. The student will also enroll in GR699 during this semester. Please note the deadlines that will be sent prior to the start of each semester. It is your responsibility to follow the deadlines so that you graduate on time.


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