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Need to Know

A $35 graduation fee will be billed to your University account each time you are approved as a candidate for graduation. Those fees are payable at the Cashier's Office.

In addition, you will need to make payment arrangements with our vendor when you order your cap, gown, tassel, and in the case of graduate students, hood.  These fees are payable to the vendor, and may be paid by check or credit card.

Transcripts are normally included with your diploma.  However, students who have past-due accounts will not receive their transcript.  Please make arrangements to pay all debts prior to the end of the semester in which you graduate.

Check your SE e-mail account frequently for important information related to your degree and/or commencement. Updates regarding additional steps in the graduation process and other important information will be communicated to you via your SE e-mail address. If your mailbox is full, or you do not read your e-mails, you will not have this important communication, but you will still be responsible for complying with the content of those e­mails.

When you are approved as a candidate, you will be notified via your Southeast e-mail address.  You will also be notified when it is time for you to complete Candidate Information through the Portal.  You are required to complete this information, even if you do not plan to attend commencement. Failure to do so means you will not receive your diploma or certificate. Candidate information includes verification/update of diploma/certificate mailing address, a list of requirements for graduation, cap and gown order information, etc.

  • Log on to the portal
  • Click Student SS tab
  • Under "Services," choose Graduation Application Status
  • Click the "Graduation Application Status" button

Complete the Candidate information by following the link and directions. Be sure to click the submit button to complete the process. If not completed by the deadline (see Important Deadlines), non-refundable late fee(s) will be assessed and you may not receive your diploma or certificate.

Honors: There are no honors awarded to students earning graduate degrees.

All undergraduate honors are pertinent only for degree-receiving candidates, and are based on gpa at the beginning of the graduation semester.  For students completing in summer (when there is no commencement) and participating in the preceding spring semester, gpa at the beginning of the spring semester is used). Undergraduates must have a 3.5 GPA, in all grades ever earned, including original grades in repeated courses, to graduate with Latin honors. (Your honor gpa may be different than your overall GPA.) To earn academic distinction in the department of your major you must have a 3.0 GPA, at least a 3.25 GPA in all courses taken in the department of major, and complete a special project satisfying requirements detailed in the Faculty Handbook. If you believe you are completing the Jane Stephens Honors Program, please contact the staff at the Honors House.

Commencement: Commencement for the fall and spring semesters occurs on the Saturday following final exams. Students are not required to participate in the commencement ceremony. However, fall and spring graduation candidates who wish to participate in commencement must do so in the first semester in which they are an approved candidate. No early or late commencement participation will be permitted.

Because there is no commencement exercise in summer, summer candidates for graduation may request participation in the preceding spring commencement, provided they have all requirements in progress and meet application deadlines. Summer candidates who do not apply on time may have to wait until the following fall commencement to participate in commencement.

Diploma: Graduates and certificate recipients will be notified via their SE e-mail account when diplomas/certificates are ready for distribution. Diplomas will be packaged with a complimentary copy of your official transcript and a copy of the commencement program (if possible). The notification e-mail will include information regarding the dates/times for diploma pick-up in the Office of the Registrar. All diplomas not picked up during this announced time will immediately be mailed to the diploma mailing address on file for the graduate. Graduates can update their diploma mailing address using the candidate information link until approximately two weeks prior to commencement. If you did not complete required Candidate Information, you will not receive regalia or a diploma.

It is the responsibility of the student to see that all requirements are met for completion of your program. Every effort will be made to notify you of deficiencies, but final responsibility for knowing and meeting requirements rests with the student.


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