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Undergraduate Admissions

Requirements for Admission and Graduation in the Communication Disorders program:

  • Admission
    • There are no additional admission requirements for the undergraduate program in Communication Disorders. Any student granted admission to the university may declare a major in Communication Disorders. However, there are important retention and graduation requirements that must be met prior to receiving a degree in Communication Disorders. These are outlined below.
  • Declaration of Major
    • Students interested in the professions of speech/language pathology or audiology may contact the Communication Disorders Department to declare the major in Communication Disorders anytime after being admitted to the University. Upon completion of the declaration of major form, each student will be assigned an advisor within the department.
  • Retention Requirements
    • Students will be retained as communication disorders majors providing the following retention criteria are met:
      1. A minimum GPA of 2.75 in the major courses must be maintained, with a grade of ‘C’ or better in all major courses. Any course within the major with a grade of ‘D’ or ‘F’ must be repeated before any higher level CD class can be taken.
      2. A student who completes a semester with a major GPA below 2.75 will be placed on probation within the major for the next semester of enrollment. If a major GPA of 2.75 is not achieved by the end of the probationary semester, the student will not be allowed to continue in the Communication Disorders major.
  • Retention Grievance Policy
    • Any student who is not retained in the Communication Disorders major will be notified by the Chairperson of the Department of Communication Disorders. The student will be given the opportunity to meet with the Department Chairperson to discuss the rationale of the decision. An official request for review of the decision must be received by the Chairperson within 10 business days of the mailing date of the denial letter.
  • Graduation Requirements 
    • In addition to fulfilling all University requirements for graduation, students wishing to graduate with a major in Communication Disorders must satisfy the following criteria:
      1. Present a minimum overall GPA of 2.50.
      2. Present a minimum major GPA of 2.75.


    Marcia Brown-Haims
    Communication Disorders
    Office: Grauel 210-A
    Center for Speech and Hearing
    402 N. Pacific
    Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701