Students in programs leading to certification or licensure may be required to purchase a Chalk & Wire license within the first month of their course in their program. Please contact your advisor for verification.  Licenses should be purchased through the University Bookstore. The length of license needed is based upon the program:

  • Teacher Preparation, undergraduate (2 years)
  • Teacher Preparation, MAT (3 years)
  • Principal (3 years)
  • Superintendent (2 years)
  • Counselor (3 years)

Note: If you have previously had a Chalk & Wire account, you must inform the bookstore that you need a renewal license.

Useful information for students:

Go to this page and then follow these directions immediately after purchasing your license from the bookstore.
A basic introductory tour around Chalk & Wire.
This is a link to the entire Chalk & Wire guide for students. The links will take you to specific parts of this guide. Additional questions may be answered by searching the guide. 
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Field Experiences
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Educator Preparation
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