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Can a career counselor or career assessment/test tell me what major/career to pursue?

Neither are designed to answer this question for you. Choosing a major or career path is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. You should view it more as a process that requires an investment of your time and patience. Career counselors and assessments are helpful tools designed to assist you as you go through the process of selecting a major or making a career decision.

Do career counselors help select classes?

No. Only your academic advisor can help you select classes. While career counselors are knowledgeable about majors and program requirements, their primary job is to help students with the process of choosing a major or career path that is a good fit.

When do I need to make a decision about a major?

It’s never too early (or too late) to start using our services designed to help you choose your major. Depending on the number of credits you already have, a major selection or change will impact how many semesters are needed to complete your degree. By starting as early as possible, you will have plenty of time develop your own personalized plan and take advantage of the full range of services available.

What should I expect when meeting with a career counselor?

Career counseling is a process, and you should not expect to meet with a counselor and have an immediate decision. Initially, the career counselor will ask questions about your interests, skills, educational, and career goals, hobbies, etc. This information will help you and your career counselor to clarify your current major/career goals and needs.

Your career counselor will guide you through the career decision-making process by recommending specific and personalized steps to take. These steps may include completing a career assessment, researching various occupations, talking to a professor or professional in an area of interest to you, meeting with an academic advisor, etc. On average, it is recommended that you meet with a career counselor two to three times when you are trying to select a major or career field.


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