Getting a New Redhawks ID

Come see us at the ID Services Desk (located on the second floor of the University Center) with the following items:

To ensure campus safety, all individuals requesting any form of Redhawks ID are required to submit documentation.

For Students, you must present a couple of the following forms of identification prior to receiving your Redhawks ID:

  • University ID number (S0-7 digits), as listed on your University Portal, or admitted student documents. 
  • Valid U.S. government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, military ID, passport, state ID, etc.). Paper copies are not accepted.

Note: in order to obtain a Redhawks ID card, you must be enrolled in at least one credit hour or be participating in a New Student Programs Transfer Orientation or First Step Orientation.

Your photo will be taken and the ID will be issued in a matter of minutes!
If you are a new student or have never had a Redhawks Card, visit your campus’ main office for assistance in obtaining your first Redhawks ID!
  • Your picture will be taken and emailed to Information and ID Services at the main campus.
  • Once the picture is received and the Redhawks ID is generated, it will be returned to your campus’ main office via campus mail for distribution.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days between having your picture taken and returning to pick up your new Redhawks ID.
  • If you have previously received a Redhawks ID and need a replacement due to damage, loss, name change, etc. please refer to the process above. Your campus’ main office will coordinate the process for a replacement Redhawks ID like stated above.
There are four methods that a dual-enrolled high school or web-only student can follow in order to obtain an official Southeast Missouri State University Redhawks Card.

1. Submitting information online

Click Here to submit a Redhawks ID or Nursing Badge Request Online

2. Submitting Information by Mail for a Redhawks Card

  • Using a digital camera, take and save pictures to a CD or Disk (preferably a CD-RW) in the .jpg format.
  • Students should be posed in front of a light colored wall or background and should hold in front on them a sheet of paper printed clearly with the following information:

    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial
    • Southeast ID # (S00000000)or SS#
  • In order of having their picture taken, they should also sign a log sheet with the same information as above printed on it. This will serve as a cross reference for ID Services personnel when we make the Redhawks Card.
  • The disk/CD(s) should be wrapped in additional padding (sheets of paper, plastic, bubble wrap, etc.) and enclosed in an envelope with the log sheet(s) and mailed to: ID Services/Information Desk, Southeast Missouri State University
    One University Plaza, MS 1175
    Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
  • Please be sure to include a return address where the completed Redhawks Card(s), etc. should be mailed to and a contact name and number for the school official seeking the Redhawks Card(s) so that we may contact you with questions.
  • You can also email small batches of photos (10 or less) to and include all student identification information in the body of the email with photo attachments.

3. Class Trip to the Main Campus

If you are planning a trip to the Cape Girardeau campus with your class, we would be happy to schedule with you a time for you to visit our Redhawks Card Services staff so that we could make the Redhawks Card(s) in person. We are located on the 3rd Floor of the University Center. Please see below for contact information to schedule a visit.

4. Individual Student Visit to Main Campus

If one of your students would like to come in person, we would need him/her to present a letter outlining the following information for us to issue a Redhawks Card:

  • High School or campus/center currently attending
  • Your contact name and number
  • The first, middle initial and last name of the student.
  • Southeast ID # (S00000000)

University Faculty and Staff will be supplied with an identification card upon employment with the University. There is no charge for the card and the faculty or staff member will not be charged for any damaged or lost Redhawks Cards. If you are a new employee and have completed your paperwork with Human Resources or the Provost’s office, you will need to visit our office with the Human Resources/Provost’s memo authorizing our office to issue a Redhawks Card. Please remember to bring photo identification with you so we may verify your identity.

Information and ID Services has several standard badges on file that your department may choose from to identify your staff on campus. The standard charge for department badges is $10 per badge. Your office will need to supply a memo authorizing the creation of the badge, supply the information of the person receiving the badge, and an account number. Redhawks Card Services reserves the right to deny the creation of badges based on the intended use.


University Center Room 204

One University Plaza, MS1200
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701